Saturday, January 17, 2009

A disturbing and growing McCarthyism in Sri Lanka?

Ruwanminee Wickremasinghe

(groundviews)The yardstick which President Mahinda Rajapaksa and many in his government used often to illustrate the “unbridled” freedom the media in this country was the publication of “The Sunday Leader“, a fiercely anti-government newspaper. The President has remarked many times that despite the constant personal attacks on him as well as his government in that newspaper, a clear indication of his commitment to a free media was that the newspaper continued to publish what it did without any interference. With the killing of the Editor of the Sunday Leader, neither the President nor others in his government will any longer be able to cite this example to make the dubious claim that there exists in this country a climate for media personnel to work without fear. What we have today is a heavily self censored print and electronic media, too afraid to take on the establishment; no longer for fear that their institutions would be sealed or burnt down but for fear of being killed. Full Text