Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Army Task Force 2 & 3 give heavy beating to LTTE - Mullaittivu

(defence.lk)Sri Lanka Army Task Force 2 soldiers operating east of the Udayarkattukulam tank and the Task Force 3 soldiers operating south of the Vishvamadukulam tank, in the Teravil-Odduddan forest reserve have been engaged in heavy confrontations with the terrorists since this morning (Jan 20).

According to the latest battlefield reports, troops of 6 Vijayaba Infantry Regiment (6 VIR) belonging to the Task Force 2 have sprung an ambush targeting the terrorists detected in the East of Udayarkattukualm around 8 AM. During subsequent search, troops have found 4 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, 1 T-56 riffle and a motor vehicle. Full Text