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SCENARIOS-Where does Sri Lanka's war go if rebel capital falls?

Source: Reuters
By C. Bryson Hull COLOMBO, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan soldiers on Friday were within 3.5 km (2 miles) of Kilinochchi, the headquarters town of the Tamil Tiger separatist rebels they have fought since 1983 in one of Asia's longest-running wars.
Here are some possible scenarios for what happens if the army takes Kilinochchi, a symbolic target

MORALE, MARKET BOOST: Taking Kilinochchi would by no means mean an end to the war, but it would be a major political boost to President Mahinda Rajapaksa's government and also to the armed forces' morale. Most financial analysts expect a very short-term rally on the Colombo Stock Exchange <.CSE>. But it has generally moved on its own fundamentals since the war has been running so long and players are used to it. The rupee currency is unlikely to be affected, since the Central Bank routinely intervenes to prevent any rapid movement. Full text

Sri Lanka Navy’s RABS/SBS Concept: An Operational and Tactical Edge over Sea Tigers

By Ravin Edirisinghe

“Indirect tactics, efficiently applied, are inexhaustible as Heaven and Earth, unending as the flow of rivers and streams; like the sun and moon, they end but to begin anew; like the four seasons, they pass away to return once more”. Sun Tzu


Naval tactics used in the present world scenarios are discussed at higher military forums which draw the attention of modern technology, sophisticated weaponry, high defined detection systems etc. But in all these discussion forums, the dialogue is primarily about an enemy that is presented well away from ones territory, from ones weapon ranges and obviously one who is very much away from detection systems spread in a four dimensional environment. Full Text

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Blaming Prabakaran but continuing a handfuls quest for an illusive Eelam

By Shenali Waduge

What must be going on in the minds of all those who have for almost 3 decades pumped money to create a separate state? It is true that many times over Prabakaran has like a phoenix risen from the dead & his troops returned with ferocious intent, but the present scenario gives little hope of any rabbit being pulled out of the bag as provinces have been ceded, territory is lost & combatants that have known nothing but killing are forced to now fight for their respect & pray for protection from the very people they proclaim to protect – the LTTE who never throughout 30 years were able to give their people even a piece of bread, a grain of rice or a drop of medicine – which the SL Governments have provided with humility.

With battles lost & more losses eminent, the financiers of the LTTE 30 year terror campaign find it convenient to pin all the blame on Prabakaran. A new tragedy is likely to face the ordinary Tamils, those who would rather live in an environment of peace, to educate their children & earn a living. Full Text

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“Piercing Tiger earth bund, an achievement”

The Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, during his weekly visit to the Security Forces Headquarters in Wanni yesterday met ground commanders and praised them for their speedy reach to the outskirts of Kilinochchi, piercing through the infamous Akkarayankulam terrorist earth bund that stretches a few kilometers across the Kilinochchi district boundary.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, at the beginning received a comprehensive account of the development in Wanni from the Commander Security Forces Wanni Major General Jagath Jayasuriya who also briefed his chief on the status quo regarding transport of food convoys into un-cleared areas.

Infiltration into Tiger held Kilinochchi areas after breaking the terrorist –constructed long earth bund, that stretches fromthe west of Akkarayankulam for a few kilometers was commended by the visiting military chief, saying that entry into Kilinochchi outskirts has sent shock waves among theTiger outfit.

He also made inquiries into the steps taken for the conduct of food convoys across Omanthe and detection of hidden explosives inside those lorries in the past three days.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka after taking stock of ground realities gave further instructions at the conclusion of the meeting. Major General Jagath Jayasuriya welcomed the Commander and his entourage on arrival at the Air Force ground in Wanni. Daily Mirror

Govt. not worried about Chennai demos

The government said yesterday it was not worried about demonstrations being held in Chennai by various Tamil Nadu political parties calling for the suspension of military operations in Sri Lanka.

“These small demonstrations supposed to be held in Chennai do not worry us in any way and we have not been officially informed of any such demonstrations,” Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa said at a news briefing after the Cabinet meeting. He said the government was firm in its resolve to defeat terrorism and was not expecting any negative responses to Sri Lanka’s military efforts from any country. Full Text

Daily Mirror

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vaz accused of code breach in court case

The shadow chairman and founder of the LTTE front All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils in the House of Parliament in the United Kingdom has been accused of code breach in a court case.
(October 03, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) ‘The Guardian’ political correspondent Allegra Stratton unravelled the allegation that the parliamentarian breached the code of conduct for receipt of kick backs (hospitalities) in a corruption case involving an Iranian. According to ‘The Guardian’ news: Full Text
Sri Lanka Guardian

Army further strengthened by over 10,000 new recruits

A total of 10136 youths have joined the Sri Lanka Army within the last three months and all arrangements are in place to recruit another 14,000 members to strengthen the Sri Lanka military service, Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.
"They will be recruited subsequent to interviews which will be carried out at all the military bases in the country within the next three months," he added.

Meanwhile, 4004 army deserters have rejoined with their respective ranks at the military service, taking advantage of the amnesty period provided by the Army Headquarters. The military requests all army deserters to report to the nearby military base and lend their service.

Meanwhile following the martial law process, 896 Army absentees have been sentenced with imprisonment, the Brigadier added.

Circulars in Tamil 'must' - President

COLOMBO: President Mahinda Rajapaksa has given instructions to send public circulars in Tamil language to areas predominantly inhabited by the Tamil speaking people.

This matter was brought to the notice of the President by teachers and students from Northern schools who recently visited Colombo to participate in the All Island Sports Competition, states a media release issued by the Social Services and Social Welfare Ministry. Full Text

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Controversial Norwegian NGO not among recipients of Japanese aid Quit Kilinochchi leaving behind three excavators

by Shamindra Ferdinando

Close on the heels of the controversy surrounding the seizure by the LTTE of some vehicles belonging to the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) engaged in mine clearing operations in the terrorist-held area, the Government of Japan has dropped the INGO from the list of recipients of its assistance for the coming year.

The NPA, which represents the Norwegian trade union organization, received Japanese assistance along with the Danish De-mining Group (DDG), the Halo Trust, the Mires Advisory Group (MAG) and the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) in July last year. But it was excluded when Japan extended further support for de-mining operations to the tune of USD 1.6 million (approximately Rs. 170 million) in August, authorities said. The USD 1.6 million had been divided between the FSD and DDG, sources said. Full Text

The Island

Aerial visuals of Kilinochchi air strikes (Sep 26 - Oct 01)

'Hunt-on' for LTTE leaders; Pottu Amman's Kilinochchi Headquarter raided

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets carried out air sorties targeting a secret passage of the LTTE's intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman located in the Kilinochchi area this afternoon, 3 October.

The well identified secret passage, which is used as terror intelligence headquarter in Kilinochchi, was located in general area Kanagapuram, 4Km west of Kilinochchi town and it was engaged around 2.30 p.m, the Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, said.

The target was precisely taken by the Air Force fighters, based on real-time information gathered through continuous ground and air surveillances.

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SLAF pounds Nadeshan's office complex - Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets carried out two successive air strikes, one of them engaged at the main office complex of the high profile LTTE leader, Nadeshan, located in the Kilinochchi town perimeter, this morning, 3 October.

The main office complex of terror leader Nadeshan was located at 500m West of Triarukulam and it was engaged around 9.20 a.m, Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said.

Meanwhile, in the same time SLAF fighters pounded an LTTE's military base located 1Km north of Triarukulam in general area Pravipanjan, the spokesperson added.

SLAF launched these air strikes on real-time information acquired through continuous ground and air surveillances conducted in these areas, defence intelligence sources revealed .

Both targets were engaged accurately, Air Force sources confirmed.

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Three LTTE terrorists killed, bodies found- Trincomalee

3 LTTE terrorists were reported killed and bodies recovered by troops, Friday (Oct 3) in general area Kaddukulama, Northeast of Morawewa, Trincomalee at around 7a.m.

Troops while engaged in a clearing operation had confronted with a group of terrorists, who are believed infiltrated into the cleared area to carryout sabotage activities, military said.

Subsequently, troops have also found 3 T-56 assault riffles, sources said.

Kilinochchi march continue; 4 LTTE bodies found

Troops of Army 57 division, marching towards Kilinochchi - LTTE heartland have moved further northwards across east of Akkarayankulam area during yesterday's (Oct 2) operations.

According to the battlefield reports received so far, troops have been able to adjust their forward base line in the east of Akkarayankulam area by pushing it northward for about 1km distance. Due to the clashes prevailed during daytime, 2 soldiers have been killed and 7 others suffered injuries. Troops during search operations conducted in the evening hours have found four bodies of LTTE cadres, two T-56 riffles, one Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG), and one radio communication set.

Meanwhile, troops of same 57 division operating in the Pannikankulam area, northwest of Mankulam have confronted the terrorists at several location during morning hours. Troops claimed at least 8 terrorists have been killed in these incidents.

On the western half of the Kilinochchi battlefront, Army Task Force 1 troops have confronted the terrorists around 1.30 PM in the East of Vannerikulam area. Intercepted LTTE communication has revealed that 6 terrorists were killed and 6 others were injured in the incident. Also, 4 soldiers have suffered injuries.

Separately, snipers deployed in the Vannerikulam forward area have claimed shooting down of two LTTE cadres during evening hours.

A detailed report on battlefield incidents will follow.

Indian Tamil Politician And Hypocrisy

by Helasingha Bandara(October 03, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian)
When one million Burundians were massacred Indian Tamils did not protest. When thousands were killed in Sudan no word uttered. Hundreds and thousands have died in Iraq and Afghanistan while the Indian Tamil politicians had gagged themselves. So it is not the moral obligation towards humanity that makes them agitate against the military campaign in Sri Lanka. It is the pain of the thought that the LTTE is being defeated makes them try everything to reverse the course. The LTTE has massacred thousands of innocent Singhalese, not to mention the Tamils, the Muslims and the rest. The Tamil politicians of Tamil Nadu did not feel the pain. When the government of Sri Lanka fulfils its responsibility to protect its people the hypocrites cry our “genocide”. If the Tamils can protect the Tamils what is wrong with the Sinhalese protecting the Sinhalese. The double standard cannot win. Full Text
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Government committed liberate civilians fro terror clutches - Defence spokesman

"The innocent civilians in the North have been penalized for the past 25 years under the iron grip of Prbhakaran's terror outfit and their sacrifice will soon be rewarded" stated the Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella during a press briefing held at the MCNS today (Oct 2).
He stated that the Government would do every thing possible to free the civilians estimated to be about 200,000 in the present and bring them towards democracy.
"The first and most important function of the government is to free the country from the grasp of terrorism", he said.
Speaking further, he stated that the country repeatedly missed the opportunity to become one of Asia's most prosperous countries due to the acts of terrorism.
"Throughout the 25 years of war in the country an estimated amount of around 100,000 people lost their lives in the war. All people in the country including H.E the President has sacrificed a lot for the country", he said.
The Minister observed that the president is now forced to live confined to four walls, after 35 years of highly outgoing political career due to the pressure of the terrorists. He held that the civilians in the north are brethren of the people living in other areas and that the government wishes to free them from the clutches of the LTTE.
"It is the greatest wish of the government to bring about the democracy enjoyed by the people of the east to the people of the north", he said .
Addressing issue on the Government's stance on the NGO and INGOs, Defence Spokesman stated that the government cannot guarantee the safety and security of the representatives NGOs and INGOs operating in the LTTE hiding areas .
"There were two main reasons for the government asking the NGOs to leave the uncleared area," he said citing murder of 17 INGO employees in Muttur and LTTE attack at a diplomatic delegation in Batticaloa.
"The Government doesn't want a repetition of such incidents", he clarified.
Finally, Defence Spokesman pointed out that as a sovereign nation Sri Lanka too enjoys the right to impose certain rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the people like any other nation. Also, He clarified that the government was well aware of the criticisms leveled against them but said these measures were taken for the general well being of all.
Courtesy: MCNS

LTTE's Abuse of Government Concessions Will Jeopardise Humanitarian Supplies

by Thomas Johnpulle
(October 03, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) May be Tigers and sympathetic humanitarian organisations haven’t still grasped the seriousness of the situation. Gone are the days when the elected government pleaded on bended knees to the extortionists. The present government will not give any concession to the LTTE, directly or indirectly. Therefore if they think transporting bombs onboard lorries carrying ‘humanitarian supplies’ will be pardoned, they are gravely mistaken. Holding people captive and feeding upon their food and medicine is one thing, using humanitarian supply systems to transport war-like items is another which will not be tolerated. Humanitarian agencies and district secretariats must ensure that they and their staff don’t fall into the level of terrorists because if they do, continuation of their work in Sri Lanka will be at serious risk. They should ensure the safety and reliability of hired lorries and their drivers. Full Text
Sri Lanka Guardian
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What have the LTTE’s NGO/INGO friends being doing in Sri Lanka?

By Shenali Waduge

Sri Lanka’s NGO/INGO sector number 3500 (7 per every square mile). Many of those who question the actions of these “humanitarian aid workers” base their argument on the type "work" that has been done by them, why they are unmonitored & why they lack transparency and impartiality. As the Sri Lankan armed forces march to liberate the North of LTTE hegemony what these NGOs/INGOs have been doing can be finally unearthed (pun intended) & expose who actually benefitted from their "humanitarian" kindness.

Many of the NGOs/INGOs present in Sri Lanka have benefitted by the continuing conflict in the country -the conflict being the very reason why they continue to remain. The 2004 tsunami was another reason for a further influx of NGOs into Sri Lanka & four years on it seems the tsunami victims are still without homes though less than 125,000 were displaced & the number of NGOs entering Sri Lanka is ever increasing. Full Text

Asian tribune

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Wanni liberation enters most crucial stage

All guns are now directed towards the centre of Kilinochchi as troops have already marched into its doorstep taking the outer periphery of this highly defended town which stretches from Iranamadu area within the 60 mm and 80 mm mortar range of the Security Forces. They are getting ready to assault the inner areas of Kilinochchi.

Civilians who were living in the southern part of Kilinochchi and Iranamadu have already moved out of the area towards Vishvamadu and Puthukuduiruppu while other civilians in the northern part of Kilinochchi too are busy abandoning the town leaving the battle only to the LTTE while the Air Force was taking LTTE military, logistic and training facilities in Kilinochchi. Full Text

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

ACF: Reveals Its Humanitarian Face

By Gomin Dayasri

It is in the zone of the bizarre to the bewildering. Action Contre la Faim(ACF) the controversial French NGO made a dramatic entry to the sittings of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights Violations purporting to safeguard the interest of their deceased employees but soon took to heel when the relatives of the deceased employees turned tables and blamed the ACF for negligence and holding their employer answerable for the 17 deaths.

The passage of the ACF to the Commission was ushered by a representative for the Eminent Foreign Persons (IIGEPP) who was the official foreign observer at the Commission. Inviter IIGEP departed blaming the Commission before the invitee ACF did likewise. In another vaudeville cartwheel IIGEPs complimented the Commission for their work in earnest. The Government should take blame for opening the floor to such burlesque entertainers. Full Text


Over 60 terrorist killed in yesterday's clashes in Wanni

Finalized battlefield reports on yesterday's (Oct 1) clashes in the Wanni battlefront indicated 61 fatalities, and 25 casualties to the terrorists. Three soldiers laid down their lives on the frontline and 14 others suffered injuries, according to the reports.

In the Jaffna theatre, troops operating active defence at the Nagarkovil forward defence attacked two LTTE bunkers during morning hours. Troops confirmed 3 LTTE cadres were killed and a soldier injured in one incident and claimed 3 terrorists were either killed or wounded in the other.

In a separate incident, troops attacked an LTTE movement in the Nagarkovil forward area around 9 AM and confirmed 2 terrorists were killed 3 others wounded in the incident. During the subsequent search, troops found one T-56 riffle, one GPS device, one binocular, five hand grenades, one IED along with other military gear. Meanwhile, snipers deployed in the forward defence reported shooting down of two LTTE cadres.

In a confrontation occurred in the Eluthumadduwal area around 6 PM, a soldier was killed.

In the Wanni theatre of operations, troops continued their counter terrorist offensives in the Kilinochchi, Vavuniya and Mullaittiuvu battlefronts causing heavy damages to the terrorists.

Troops of 57 division operating in the Akkarayankulam and Kokavil areas, claimed 26 terrorists were killed in day's offensives.

Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 1 operating in the western half of the Kilinochchi battlefront had series of clashes with the terrorists in the Vannerikulam and Manniyakulam area during the day and claimed 11 terrorists were killed and 5 others wounded. In addition, a soldier was killed and 6 others suffered injuries during these confrontations.

On the Mullaittiuvu front, troops of 59 division conducted daylong offensives in the Andankulma forest reserve and claimed 4 terrorists were killed, 3 others wounded and 11 more were either killed or wounded. A soldier suffered injuries in one of the incident.

Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 2 operating on the Vavuniya front, in the West of A-9 road had several confrontations in the east of Navvi, Palamoddai Podunkanpila and Pandiyankulam areas during the day.

Troops attacked an LTTE strong point detected in the east of Navvi around 11 A:M. A soldier was killed and 3 others wounded in the incident. During the subsequent search, troops found a body of an LTTE female cadre along with a T-56 riffle. Intercepted LTTE radio transmissions later revealed that 6 terrorists were killed and 8 wounded in this incident.

In a separate incident, troops attacked and captured 6 overhead bunkers linked to each other by a battle trench in the Palamoddai area around 1 PM. Troops found one T-56 riffle during subsequent search. Intercepted enemy radio transmissions revealed one terrorist was killed and three others wounded in the incident.

In three separate clashes occurred in the Podunkanpila and Pandyankulam areas, troops claimed 9 terrorists were killed. Troops also found 3 hand grenades, 178 live ammo used for small arms, and one radio set.

Counter terror offensives are being continued.

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Ethnic crisis in Sri Lanka

October 02, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) TNCC president K V Thangka Balu today said that the ruling UPA government had been taking efforts to protect the rights and livelihood of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Addressing mediapersons here, Thangka Balu said that some political parties had indulged in creating a wrong impression that the Congress and the ruling UPA government were not taking any steps to resolve the ethnic problem in the island nation. Full Text Sri Lanka Guardian

Breathtaking Hypocrisy

By Stephen Long, Los Angeles

The hypocrisy of the West never ceases to amaze me. On one hand we have an entire Western bloc of countries at war with terrorism, with each and every country seemingly using every possible means to eradicate it and prevent suicide bombers from striking its homeland. On the other hand, we have the Government of Sri Lanka winning a war against what the FBI calls the "deadliest terrorism organization in the world." The fact that there could be a unified Sri Lanka after twenty five years of senseless bloodshed should be cause for celebration in every democratic country on the planet.

Someone is proactively winning its war on terrorism rather than just reacting to merciless, random attacks on its citizenry. Hip, hip, hooray! Full Text Asian Tribune


Chance detection spurs raids on Jaffna kovils Attempt to destabilise Jaffna thwarted

By Shamindra Ferdinando

The Army has stepped up anti-insurgency operations in the Jaffna peninsula to thwart LTTE attempts to destabilise the area as part of its strategy to offset heavy battle-field defeats on the Vanni front.

The Army Tuesday (September 30) evening searched two Hindu kovils at Sandilipay in the Valigamam area. A quantity of arms, ammunition and several sets of military fatigues were recovered. A senior military official told The Island that the Galwala Kovil and Nagudshan Amman Kovil would have been among their safe houses. Full Text

The island


Army 3.5 km behind Kilinochchi outskirts - Military Spokesperson

Military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara today (Oct 2) told media that forward elements of 57 division troops are now consolidating their defences in the area, 3.5 km south of Kilinochchi outskirts.

Speaking at the weekly media briefing at the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) he said that some elements of the 57 division have already crossed the Nachchikudha - Therumurukandi road at some locations in the Akkarayankulam area. Troops have been able to cut-off the road that connects northwestern coast and the Jaffna-Kandy (A-9) road at these locations, he further elaborated.

Kilinochchi built-up area is considered to be one of the longest townships in the island that runs for about 6.5 km down the A-9 road. Also, the area stretched for about 7 km across the A-9 road from the East to West. According to the latest battlefield reports the infantrymen of 4th Sinha Regiment are operating in an area just 3.5 km south of the southern border of the Kilinochchi built-up area at present.

Speaking further on the battlefield progress, Brigadier Nanayakkara said that another element of 57 division troops have captured the railway station that lies few kilometres west of the Kokavil town. He denied recent media reports claiming the Kokavil town was liberated by the Army and said that troops are yet to accomplish this task.

Commenting on the western half of the Kilinochchi battlefront, the military spokesperson revealed that troops of Army Task Force 1 are now operating in the Vannrikulam , Kariyalamodai and Manniyakkulam areas at present. According to him troops have bypassed the Nachchikudha area and are now tactically surrounding the strategically vital sea tiger stronghold from the west.

On the Mullaittivu battlefront, where troops of Army 59 division is operating , the military spokesperson revealed that troops have dominated about 80% of the Thannipurippu tank bund . Also , he said that troops moving parallel the coast have reached the southern and western regions of the Nayaru lagoon.

Speaking about the recent successes of troops , Brigadier Nanayakkara said that troops of 59 division have captures 8 satellite bases of the LTTE's 14 (One-Four) base compound. During last 2-3 weeks troops have captured two LTTE bases named Nizam and Castro and one sea tiger base named Pasari , he said .

Adding further he said that troops of 573 brigade moving towards Mankulam from A-9 road has captured a 500m long air stripe located 7 km west of Mankulam town.

Speaking about the attrition caused to the LTTE strength , Brigadier Nanyakkara told that 66 bodies of LTTE cadres have been found during the month of September. The total number of LTTE bodies found since January is 476 he added.

Kilinochchi district LTTE military headquarter bombed

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed the LTTE's military headquarter complex in Kilinochchi this afternoon (Oct 2), Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said. Fighter jets launched from Katunayake carried out the air strike at 12.40 PM targeting the LTTE headquarter located 2 km northeast of Kilinochchi town, he added.

Meanwhile, defence intelligence sources revealed that the target was engaged on real time ground intelligence on a meeting of senior LTTE cadres at the location. The LTTE has maintained the targeted camp complex as its main military coordinating centre, the sources added. Elaborating further on the air strike, the sources said that the targeted camp is situated at Paravipanjan in Kilinochchi.

According to the Air Fore spokesman the target was accurately engaged. However, the exact damage caused to the terrorist has not been verified yet, he said.

Defence observers say that the recent string of air strikes on LTTE nerve centers located in the heart of Kilinochchi would soon create a huge problem for LTTE in maintaining the outfit under a centralized command and control mechanism.

In Sri Lanka, UN deplores targeting of truck on its way to join food convoy

1 October 2008 – United Nations officials in Sri Lanka today deplored the placing of explosives by an unknown group on a Government truck that was due to join a UN food convoy in the north of the country, the scene of intense recent fighting between Government forces and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Full Text

NGO stratagems

By Kelum Bandara

The Parliamentary Select Committee on NGOs has received a police intelligence report exposing some stratagems used in the past by various INGOs to strengthen the LTTE.

A retired senior police official had submitted this report to the Committee whilst giving evidence last week.

Committee Chairman JVP MP Vijitha Herath told Daily Mirror yesterday that this report contained details about the INGOs that had used these stratagems in 1999 and 2000 to strengthen the LTTE. Full Text

Daily Mirror

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

22 GPS found in Wanni bound lorry

Twenty-two Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which had been concealed amidst food stocks that were to make for un-cleared areas, were found while making further clearance on a convoy of Wanni bound lorries at the Vehicle park at Thandikulam this afternoon, 01 October.

According to the defence sources, 22 Global Positioning System (GPS) equipments had been concealed in jaggery sacks and the lorry was taken in to custody around 4.30 pm.

Earlier, Security forces while making clearance on a convoy of Wanni bound lorries at the Omanthai Entry/ Exit point in Vavuniya, have found C-4 explosives and batteries in two lorries last evening, 30 September. C-4 explosives weighing around 2.5kg were found concealed under the driver's seat, while a total cache of 28,880 batteries (a prohibited item under security concerns) were found laden in a makeshift false compartment in two separate lorries which are expected to cross the Omanthai gateway by Thursday evening (Oct 2)


25 LTTE terrorists killed in today's clashes - Kokkavil, Akkarayankulam

At least 25 LTTE terrorists were killed in Mullaittivu front today, 01 October, in confrontations ensued while troops of 57 Division marching further towards LTTE heartland, Kilinochchi, a latest military report received from the battlefront said.

Four LTTE terrorists were killed when the troops ambushed an LTTE movement in general area Kokkavil around 7.35 a.m. Meanwhile, troops confirmed that 11 more LTTE terrorists were killed in two separate incidents took place in south of Kokkavil during day hours.

Separately, in a confrontation took place around 10.55 a.m in east of Akkarayankulam, troops confirmed that at least 10 LTTE terrorist were killed.

Two army soldiers also sustained injuries in general area east of Akkarayankulam, the report added.

Sri Lanka hikes defence spending for next year

Oct 01, 2008 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's government plans to allocate 177.1 billion rupees next year for its defence forces whose campaign against the Tamil Tigers is intensifying, according to the appropriation bill published by the finance ministry.
Most of the money is going for daily operations and to meet the wages bill of the security forces. Full Text
Lanka Business online

Three simultaneous air raids targeting LTTE logistic bases - Kilinochchi

Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets carried out three air raids simultaneously targeting LTTE administration and logistic bases located in the Kilinochchi area this afternoon, 01 October.

The targeted LTTE bases were located west of A9 road, in 3 1/2 Km south of Kilinochchi town and the bombardment carried out around 2.40 p.m, air force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said.

All three targets were engaged accurately, spokesperson added.

Twin air raids at LTTE terrorist locations- Kilinochchi

Fighter jest launched simultaneous aerial raids at two key LTTE facilities with precision, located North of Thiruvaiaru in Kilinochchi, on Wednesday (Oct 1), at 10.25a.m.

A target engaged was identified as a major foothold of the LTTE's 'Charles Anthony unit', while the other was described, a hardcore female terrorist training facility. The targets were acquired on real-time ground and aerial reconnaissance information received, Air Force sources said.

Lanka Tigers’ travails

Despite vast improvement in terms of armaments, tactics, territorial control and popular support among Sri Lankan Tamils over the past twenty years, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are in deep trouble today. It is not that they are about to lose their political headquarters, Kilinochchi. In the past, they had lost and regained it. The critical difference between the past and the present is that, for the first time, the Tigers have no influential domestic or foreign political force to pull them out of the woods. Following Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, support in Tamil Nadu and India has thinned, and post 9/11, the West has been looking at militancy in an unfavourable light. Full Text
Express Buzz

Jets raid LTTE gathering point - Mullaittiuvu

SLAF fighter jets launched air raids at an LTTE gathering point located 3km North East of Piramanthalkulama, Mullaittiuvu, Wednesday (Oct 1) at around 5.30a.m.

The target was well identified, Air Force Spokesperson Janaka Nanayakkara said, adding that the site was a prominent hideout of senior LTTE terrorists.

"It is the beginning of the end of LTTE terrorists" says Secretary Defence

Speaking about the ongoing humanitarian mission to liberate the masses of North from the tyranny of LTTE terrorists, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that the Government has reached the final stage of the war against LTTE terrorism.

Airing his views to the BBC World Service, the Defence Secretary said that the troops are only 4.5 kms away from the LTTE heartland, Kilinochchi.

A confident Defence Secretary said that the continuous and historic victories of the Security Forces will soon bring an end to the war signifying a landmark in the history of the country's three decade long crisis.

Clarifying the Government's position which led the INGOs and NGOs to request to vacate from the LTTE held areas in Kilinochchi, the Defence Secretary said the Government did not want to risk the lives of any relief activists as the troops are advancing into enemy territory and because there is fierce fighting in the battle front.

He said that terrorism has been a menace to the civilians of Sri Lanka irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity.

Courtesy : Government Information Department


Suicide bomber was disguised as student

The tiger suicide bomber who exploded the bomb at Second Cross Street near the Bus Stand at Vavuniya on the 28th had disguised himself as a student say police.

According to information the police has received he had participated in a tuition class at Vavuniya. The identity card found in his pocket is that of Selvaraja Gunasekeram from Kurumankadu at Vavuniya.

The Department of Registration of Persons has been informed to determine whether the identity card is a genuine one or not. Investigations are being conducted by a police team instructed by SSP Vavuniya L.G. Kularatne.

Lanka Truth


Explosives found in Wanni bound lorry

The military found 2.5kg of C-4 explosives hidden in a hired lorry carrying food for the Wanni displaced when it was being searched in Vavuniya. The lorry was part of a convoy arranged by the Government Agent.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sri Lanka military says rebel air strip captured

September 30, 2008 (AFP)
Government troops have captured a runway operated by Tamil Tiger rebels inside the guerrillas' mini-state in the north, Sri Lanka's defence ministry said Tuesday.

"Troops have captured the second LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) runway, which is 500 meters long and 50 meters wide in the Panikkankulam area," the ministry said. It gave no further details.

The Tigers, who have been fighting for a separate homeland for the Tamil minority since 1972, also maintain another more important airfield in a different area.

The LTTE are believed to have five Czech-built Zlin-143 aircraft smuggled onto the island in pieces and re-assembled there.

The guerrillas last launched an air attack early in September, when they dropped bombs on a key military base in Vavuniya in the island's north.

Sri Lanka later claimed it had shot down a guerrilla plane during the attack -- a charge denied by the rebels.

Sri Lanka military says rebel air strip captured

September 30, 2008 (AFP)
Government troops have captured a runway operated by Tamil Tiger rebels inside the guerrillas' mini-state in the north, Sri Lanka's defence ministry said Tuesday.

"Troops have captured the second LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) runway, which is 500 meters long and 50 meters wide in the Panikkankulam area," the ministry said. It gave no further details.

The Tigers, who have been fighting for a separate homeland for the Tamil minority since 1972, also maintain another more important airfield in a different area.

The LTTE are believed to have five Czech-built Zlin-143 aircraft smuggled onto the island in pieces and re-assembled there.

The guerrillas last launched an air attack early in September, when they dropped bombs on a key military base in Vavuniya in the island's north.

Sri Lanka later claimed it had shot down a guerrilla plane during the attack -- a charge denied by the rebels.

Discreet` crackdown on LTTE to prevent TN emerging as hub

Chennai, Sept 30: As the Sri Lankan army continue its offensive deep into LTTE strongholds in the island nation's north, Tamil Nadu police have effectively "strangulated" the Tigers' logistical routes by "discreetly" clamping down on members of its logistics module to prevent the state from emerging as their "procurement hub".

Some of the top-rung members of the LTTE's procurement module who had come to Chennai recently have been arrested and imprisoned, police sources said here. Full Text

Deceased aid workers families attack French NGO

By Rosie Stembo

Testifying before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights violations fathers of two deceased aid workers who died at the ACF office in Mutur blasted the Paris based NGO for being responsible for the death of their children during August 2006, when the LTTE launched an attack shortly after closing the sluice gates at Mavil Aru.

They alleged that the ACF official led by a black Frenchman held their children captive in their Mutur office without allowing them to seek shelter in refugee camps. It was suggested that the ACF found it uncomfortable to go around collecting their workers and requested them to stay in their office until they came to pick them. The children had complained they had scarce water food and lived on Triposha. The parents stated those who went to refugee camps had returned safely home but not their children due to dereliction of duty on part of their employer. Full Text


Navy Elites destroy two LTTE boats- Pooneryn

The elite Special Boat Squadron (SBS) sailors of Sri Lanka Navy attacked and destroyed two LTTE assault boats, appeared off Pooneryn Sea last night (Sept 29), Navy sources said.

According to the sources, SBS boats patrolling in area detected the two LTTE boats moving close to the coast from Pooneryn to Kalmunai point (K-point) around 11 PM. The SBS sailors launched a surprise attack at the terror boats and confirmed both boats were destroyed, the sources said.

The sources citing the SBS reports added that there were 8 LTTE cadres onboard and confirmed all were killed in the attack. A search operation has been launched in the area.

Troops on Kokavil Outskirts Recall Memories

Army Troops, now on the outskirts of much-spoken Kokavil, to the south of Kilinochchi bordering the parallel A-9 Highway and old Murikandi-Kokavil Railway Station recall cherished memories of their fallen War Heroes in the 1990s with honour, admiration and valour and LTTE massacre on 'Yal Devi 'passenger train.

Photos in this story taken on Monday (29) show vandalized ruins of the Murikandi-Kokavil railway station platform with all its roof-sheets, iron rail tracks, and almost everything, belonging to the railway station after those items were either damaged or removed and finally taken away by jungle- based Tiger terrorists, to be used for their criminal acts. Full Text


At least 50 terrorists killed, over 20 injured in yesterday's confrontations at Wanni

Terrorist casualties were observed on the rise according to Wanni battlefield reports as security forces were making their presence felt at the corridor of Kilinochchi, in the verge of mounting a full fledged assault at the Tiger heartland.

Pitched fighting is expected in the forthcoming weeks as troops have taken on positions to flush out the last LTTE presence in the bastion Kilinochchi township, after a decade, defence observers state. Tension prevails according to reliable information within LTTE ranks, after Army Chief Lt. General Sarath Fonseka declared to launch the first rounds at Kilinochchi, this week, addressing a gathering on Thursday (25). Full Text


Sri Lanka: FM warns of people falling victim to EU's GSP+ conditionalities

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama observed that Sri Lanka is vigorously pursuing a post conflict development programme in the Eastern province aimed at empowering the people who have long been victims of terrorism and it is unfortunate that the European Commission is seeking to limit market access for her exports at this juncture, during his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, Markos Kyprianou. Full Text

A word to Vanni Terrorist Proxi Party MP, about his Ethnocentric Military Dictatorship.

by Charles.S.Perera

(September 29, Paris, Sri Lanka Guardian) Selvam Adaikkalanathan the TNA MP writes an article in TamilNet on 28 September,2008 on an "Ethnocentric military dictator ship in the Making in Colombo" only a warped mind like his could imagine. But, he cannot envisage the extent of the damage caused to the aspirations of the Tamil people, who followed a bunch of market magicians, who promised to materialise a kingdom for them , with the flutter of a magic wand. Full Text
Sri Lanka Guardian

57 expands its tentacles

(September 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) After 57 successfully captured MALLAVI and UYILANKULAM on the 22nd of August 08, displaying immense flexibility and manoeuvrability the focus of 57 shifted to the A9 trunk road. The triple assault on the SFHQ-W on the 9th of September 08 at VAVUNIYA made the battleplanners shift their focus towards the A9, which was used to tow the Tamil Tiger heavy guns and possibly to make one of their Zling-143 aircraft airborne. Full Text
Sri Lanka Guardian

Racing Against the Clock: The LTTE’s Logistical Gamble

“If and when the LTTE launches their major assault, the big guns that have mostly been captured from Sri Lankan forces in the past will be used much like the recent combined assault on a Sri Lankan radar array. There, Black Tigers, LTTE regulars, artillery support, and the Air Tigers were deployed in the hopes of blinding the Sri Lankan Air Defense Network. Superior judgment by Sri Lankan troops on the front line ensured that this operation was a failure and the destruction of a rebel bomber made this attack a costly mistake for the LTTE.” Full Text
Sri Lanka Guardian

We hail the Army Commander Lt.Gen.Sarath Fonseka, the greatest hero of our time.

“The Army Commander Lt.Gen.Sarath Fonseka has expressed the true position on which he had undertaken the difficult task of defending the mother land against a group of terrorists, aided by a mislead Tamil Diaspora trying their best to divide the beloved mother land, to set up a Tamil Eelam State. The politics is for the politicians, but defending the country against a set of ruthless terrorists is for the Armed Forces.” Full Text
Sri Lanka Guardian

Monday, September 29, 2008


Janaka Perera
The Island
Publication Date: 29-09-2008

Last week’s horrifying bomb explosion at Islamabad’s Marriott Hotel has led to different theories about the culprits. Although the generally accepted version is that Muslim extremists like Al Qaeda or Taleban were behind it other views are emerging.

Some Pakistanis believe that the intensity of the blast and the size of the bombs indicate no single group could have done it except by a very powerful organisation that has tremendous resources at its disposal. It could even be some foreign state-sponsored outfit, according to them. This perception has emerged in view of the fact that some top Pakistan government officials were scheduled to dine at this hotel on that fateful night but changed their plans at the last minute.

Heavy rebel losses in Sri Lanka fighting: military

COLOMBO (AFP) — Tamil Tigers have suffered heavy losses in a major Sri Lankan government push into their northern fiefdom, with the latest clashes leaving 30 rebels dead, the defence ministry said Monday.

The ministry said 17 rebels were killed in air and ground attacks against the guerrilla's northern capital of Kilinochchi on Sunday. The ministry said three soldiers also died in the fighting, while 80 were wounded. Full Text



Attempt to evacuate Tamil INGO, UN workers thwarted

The LTTE has thwarted an attempt by UN agencies and INGOs to evacuate several hundred Tamil employees from the area under its control.

Well informed sources said that although some local INGO workers had been allowed to leave with the expatriate staff, the vast majority were denied the opportunity. The UN and all other expatriates except the Project Manager of ZOA had quit the LTTE-held area by September 16. Full Text


more than half of LTTE fighting cadre consists of children Highlights transformation of Chandrakanthan

Participating in the Ministerial meeting in New York on Friday relating to children associated with armed forces and groups, Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said that over 60 per cent of LTTE cadres were children. He quoted UNICEF as saying 6,273 children had been recruited since 2002. Full Text