Saturday, August 9, 2008

Air Force destroy 3 LTTE nerve centers in Wanni

Sri Lanka Air Force carried out 3 historic air missions targeting 3 of the LTTE's most vital nerve centers in the Wanni during last few hours, said the defence sources.

According to Air Force spokesperson , Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the first of the triple air raids was carried out last midnight targeting the LTTE's Sea Tiger forward operating base at Nagasivanthurai in Poonaryn.

"LTTE occupations near Nagasivanthurai Jetty , a Radar point and a boatyard was destroyed in this mission carried out by MI 24 helicopters", he said. Speaking further the said that the target was operated as a forward reconnaissance centre by the LTTE.

The defence intelligence sources said that the targeted location has gained much of strategic importance in LTTE's military plans of late, aimed at avoiding the impending military defeat.

The second air raid was conducted by fighter jets at 9.55 AM targeting the main operation centre of the LTTE's intelligence wing located at Iranapalai, North of Puthukkudiyiruppu, in the Mullaittiuvu district. According to the defence intelligence sources, the target was one of the most secured terror base with the highest strategic importance to the LTTE.

Air Force spokesperson citing after-mission reports confirmed the target was destroyed.

The third air raid was conducted by fighter jets targeting the main logistic and victualling base of the LTTE located in North East of Vishwamadhukulama Tank in Vishwamadhu in the Mullaittiuvu district around 10 AM. According to Wing Commander Nanayakkara , the target located 15 Km of West of Puthukkudiyiruppu was destroyed and caught in flames in the attack.

Defence intelligence sources said , that the targeted location was the place where the LTTE terrorists used to hoard food supplies , and other humanitarian aid that they loot from the government agencies and other missions to feed their cadre.

Wanni battlefront remains active; 32 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Finalized military reports received from battlefronts in Wanni theatre of operations indicate 32 deaths , 10 casualties and 9 more as either deaths or casualties to the LTTE in yesterday's (August 8) clashes. Also, 4 soldiers laid down their lives and 15 others suffered wounds during the day's operations.

Troops of Army 57 division continued their military push towards and around strategically vital Tunukkai and Mallavi in course of the day .

Troops marching Northwards passing Tunukkai junction from the West met with stiff resistance from the terrorists in the Tenniyankulama area , located 6.5 Km Northeast of Tunukkai . Pitched battles erupted from morning till evening as troops started to dominate the road running from Tunukkai to Nachchikudha . Troops claimed 17 terrorists were killed during these clashes. Also, 3 soldiers died and 8 others suffered injuries due to LTTE mortar fire and booby traps.

Meanwhile, troops of the same division operating South of Mallavi area confronted with a group of terrorists around 11 AM and claimed 3 terrorists were killed. In separate incidents , two soldiers suffered injuries , one due to terror small arms fire and the other due to an AP (anti personnel) mine explosion earlier on the same day.

Troops of Task Force 2 operating in the Eastern flank of the Vavuniya- Mannar battlefront, attacked and captured an LTTE bunker located in the Palaimoddai area around 7 AM. One soldier died in this incident. During subsequent search, troops found one RPG bomb, 3 hand grenades and one T-56 magazine.

Troops of 61 division operating further Southwards to the Task Force 2 , attacked an LTTE bunker located in the Palamoddaikulama area around 7.45 AM and confirmed 5 terrorists were killed and another wounded.

In the meantime, troops of Task Force 1, kept on marching North of Vellankulama on the Mannar- Pooneryn road during the day. 3 soldiers suffered injuries during the march due to AP mine explosion occurred in the Kallamparawa and Adappankulama areas.

On the Welioya front, troops had daylong clashes with the terrorists in North of Andankulama, and Kiriibbanwewa in the Mullaittivu forest and claimed 7 terrorists were killed, 9 others wounded and 9 more were either killed or wounded during the day's clashes. Also, 2 soldiers suffered injuries in two separate clashes occurs in the North of Andankulma area.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine clearing operation removed 106 AP mines and 4 IEDs (improvised explosive devices) from North of Janakapura and Andankualma areas during the day.

Liberation operations are being continued.

Tigers Do another "Vakare" on Mullattivu Hospital

LTTE propaganda lobbyists appear to be once again doing overtime to tarnish the image of advancing Sri Lanka Army troops in Mullaittivu district, as fall of Tiger strongholds is imminent in the near future. This time it was Mullaittivu hospital.

The latest ruse by the Tigers has come to the fore with the publication of a story in their mouthpieces Friday (8) morning, claiming that troops in Mullaitivu have fired artillery on Mullaittivu district hospital.

The Army categorically denies having fired any artillery rounds and contents of the LTTE canard. It also wishes to remind that Tiger terrorists in the same manner used the same tactic in Vakare and Madhu when the troops were reaching Vakare and MADHU areas. Terrorists in both those instances damaged the Vakare hospital and most recently the sacred MADHU Shrine, just before the troops rolled in.

As of Friday (8), troops of the 59 Division are deployed in Nithkaykulam, about 15 km, south of Mullaittivu center and have in no way directed any artillery fire towards Mullaittivu or its suburbs, as stated in those false reports.

Courtesy - SL Army

Soldiers overpower stiff terror resistance in Mullaittivu; 15 terrorists killed in Welioya battles

Troops of Army 59 division advancing in Mullaittivu forest yesterday (August 7) encountered stiff resistance from LTTE as the soldiers were further closing on the terror dens in Mullaittivu, defence sources on the Welioya battlefront said.

Military reports received from the front indicate 15 deaths, 23 casualties to the terrorists while 15 more were recorded as either killed or wounded in day's clashes flared up in the North of Kiriibbanwewa, Janakapura, and Andankualama areas. Further, 3 soldiers were killed in action, 7 wounded in action and 4 went on missing during these incidents.

Pitched battles were reported in the North of Andankulama area since last forenoon as troops kept on pounding at the terror defences that came across on their way. Troops attacked a terror bunker around 11.30 AM and confirmed 4 terrorists were either killed or wounded. Around 12 noon troops had 3 separate clashes in the same area with groups of terrorists. Troops claimed 3 terrorists were killed and 5 others wounded. Also, 2 soldiers were injured due to terror mortar fire.

The days most fierce battle broke out when the terrorists attacked at the advancing troops around 6 PM. Troops overpowered that terror attack in a close quarter fighting and chased away the terrorists. 2 soldiers were killed, one suffered injuries and 4 reported missing in action. Ground sources said that the terrorists probably had taken the bodies of the missing soldiers for propaganda purpose to boost fast loosing morale among their ranks. Later, radio monitoring units confirmed 5 terrorists had been killed and 6 others wounded in this confrontation.

Meanwhile, troops operating in the area North of Kiriibbanwewa had to separate clashes during afternoon hours and claimed 5 terrorists were either killed or wounded. Further, around 5.45 PM troops engaged artillery fire at a group of terrorist detected in the area. Radio transmissions among the LTTE cadres confirmed that 3 terrorists were killed and 4 others were wounded in this incident. Also, a soldier suffered injuries due to an AP (anti personnel mine explosion) occurred elsewhere last evening.

In the North of Janakapura area, troops had several clashes with the terrorists. During the morning hours troops two separate confrontations with terrorists and claimed 2 terrorists were killed , 2 others wounded and 3 more were either killed or wounded.

Around 11.50 in the morning troops attacked and captured one terror bunker and 4 trench defences. Later in the afternoon, troops confronted with terrorists around 1.35 PM at a separate location. A soldier was killed and another suffered injuries during the incident. Radio monitoring confirmed one terrorist was killed and 3 others were wounded.

In a similar incident reported around 2.50 PM, troops attacked group of terrorists and claimed one terrorist was killed and 3 others wounded. During subsequent search, a body of LTTE cadre was found along with one T-56 riffle and 2 hand grenades.

Meanwhile two soldiers suffered injuries due to AP mine explosions occurred in the Nittukaikulama area last morning.

Researcher calls black tigers the most prolific suicide terrorist group in the world

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam terrorist group with over 150 walking bomb attacks is the world's most prolific adopter of suicide terrorism said University of Pennsylvania researcher Professor Michael Horowitz.

Michael Horowitz, assistant professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania writing on the history and future of suicide terrorism in the Foreign Policy Research Institute magazine said it has become customary for varied suicide terrorist groups to keep connections to adopt ideas like Sri Lanka's Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE) who invented the suicide vest being modelled by Hamas and other Middle Eastern groups.

After , perceived success of the Hezbollah notoriety, "the Tamil Tigers were actually the most prolific adopter of suicide terrorism in the world, credited with over 150 attacks; 191 is one estimate" Horowitz said in his research paper.

He further said on the Sri Lankan group: "The Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka became a non-Muslim and non-Middle Eastern early adopter in 1987. The Tamil Tigers came out of a resistance movement in Sri Lanka that sought independence and autonomy. In 1987 they began a suicide campaign that spanned multiple decades. Before 9/11 and the ensuing spate of suicide bombings in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, the Tamil Tigers were actually the most prolific adopter of suicide terrorism in the world, credited with over 150 attacks; 191 is one estimate.

"The LTTE is very interesting from a targeting perspective. We tend to conceptualize suicide terrorism as being about attacking civilians. While Hizbollah did not necessarily focus on attacking civilians, groups like Hamas or al-Qaida (and affiliates) have caused the association of suicide bombings with civilian targeting.

"Alternatively, the LTTE, especially at the outset, conceptualized suicide attacks very differently. They used suicide bombing more as a substitute for military operations they could not complete with conventional means, making them asymmetric but closer to the traditional military sense of the term. The Tamils thought about suicide bombing more for hard targets and assassinations, not necessarily targeting civilians, though civilians often died in their attacks".

Horowitz wrote that suicide terrorism has emerged as a very powerful weapon over the last several years, with 9/11, car bombings in Iraq, in the West Bank, in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. It has captivated the public. As a tactic, it has infiltrated our national consciousness, he said.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Air Force Raids LTTE strongpoint North of Vellankulama

Sri Lanka Air Force attacked an LTTE stronghold located in Pllawarayankadu area, 7 km, North of Vellankualama around 5 this evening. According to Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, MI 24 helicopter gunships carried out the attack in support of the Army Task Force 1 soldiers now operating in the Kilinochchi district. Citing reports received from ground troops, he added that the target was effectively neutralized.

Speaking further, Wing Commander Nanayakkara said that Air Force ground combatants engaged in clearing operations in the Peraru area in the North of Trincomalee had found a cache of newly buried ammo and explosives this evening. The cache included 3 claymore mines, 4500 ammo used for T-56 riffles, 10 anti personnel mines (AP), 102 electrical detonators, 3 kg of C-4 high explosives, and 350 pistol ammo, he added.

Jailed Sri Lankan confesses blackmailed to clone 500 credit cards for LTTE

(By: Walter Jayawardhana)

A Sri Lankan Muslim was jailed for two years and nine months when he confessed that he was black mailed to work for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to clone 500 credit cards of British customers for the banned terrorist group to steal 175,000 British Pounds.

The Petrol station cashier Abdul Samad Mohamed Raik, a Sri Lankan national told a Leicestershire, England court, that due to a loan given to him by the terrorist group and due to his inability to pay back the loan he was forced to work for the terrorists and help them clone 500 credit cards of customers who bought petrol at the Jet Petrol station where he worked.

In his evidence to the court he said he was given a forged Indian passport by the LTTE to flee the country and escape the consequences of the case, but he did not.

In this case it was revealed that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam withdrew money using ATM machines amounting to 175,000 British Pounds from the accounts holders from various cities in the world in India, Malaysia, Canada, United States, and Australia to bank roll terrorism and war in Sri Lanka.

It was also revealed that the terrorist group using card accounts withdrew money and also bought various goods illegally for their cause.

Unsuspecting customers who bought fuel at the Jet service station, in Houghton-on-the-Hill, were unaware that cashier Abdul Samad Mohamed Raik used a cloning device when processing their card payments. The cloning device was similar to a pin hole camera. In Britain, credit cards cannot be used with a pin number for added protection. So, both the credit card number and the pin number had to be cloned for the crime.

His trusting employer also was not in the know that the scam was taking place, Leicester Crown Court was told.

When perturbed customers saw money had been withdrawn from their accounts from countries they had never visited and complained, Police launched a major investigation. The dozens of customer complaints said their cards had been used as far away as Australia and Malaysia, the Leicester Mercury, the local newspaper reported at the time.

Raik, a 33-year-old Sri-Lankan national of Gilbert Close, Rushey Mead, Leicester, was jailed for two years and nine months after pleading guilty to the fraud between October and December 2007. He also admitted possessing the false Indian passport.

Justin Wigoder, prosecuting the case, said Raik worked at the filling station for 13 months. The owner, the prosecutor said, was "completely unaware" of any problems until last December, when two customers contacted him saying records for cards used at his petrol station showed unusual foreign transactions.

The defendant was seen on Close Circuit Television swiping cards through a cloning machine so the details could be used all over the world. About 500 cards' details were obtained in total, the prosecutor said.

Raik left his job in December, but gave himself up to police in March 2008.

He claimed he became involved in the grand credit card fraud after running up a œ3,000 debt with a loan shark who was part of the Sri-Lankan terrorist group, the Tamil Tigers, who had threatened him when he struggled to make payments following the birth of his daughter in 2007.

He also handed in a false Indian passport bearing bogus details and his photo, saying he was given it by the Tamil Tigers of the scam to help him flee the UK.

Raik was forced to dishonestly clone the cards, using a machine they gave him, to pay off the debt and for no personal gain, Raik added giving further evidence.

When customers began complaining, and the situation was getting hot he left the job.

Recorder Duncan Smith said: "It was a gross breach of trust to your employer, who is a businessman relying on the good faith of his staff and on the custom his customers bring him.

"One doesn't know how badly his business will be affected or if some people will choose to go elsewhere for their petrol.

"Even though you had the wherewithal (the false passport) to spirit yourself away from the jurisdiction you handed yourself in to the police and made the investigation easier. You made a clean breast of what you'd done.

"It was a huge fraud and your involvement in it was brought to an end by yourself after a relatively short period of time."

Immediately after the whole scam was exposed, The Leicester Mercury newspaper said that garage owner and mechanic Jim Funnell delivered letters to every household in the village apologising for the scam, and urging anyone who had been affected to contact police if they had not already done so.

Sympathetic villagers sent him cards and letters pledging their support.

In 1999, Raik applied for entry to the UK as a student, which was granted until October 2005.

Fighting sparks at Mullaittiuvu jungles: 10 terrorists killed, 36 wounded

59 Division troops operating North of Janakapura and Kiriibbanwewa in Mullaittiuvu, Wednesday (August 6) mounted multiple assaults at LTTE strong-points and heavy gun positions killing 10 LTTE terrorists and injuring 36 others, defence sources said.

Troops have also repulsed consecutive LTTE offensive attempts to breach military defences since yesterday morning in general area North of Janakapura. The LTTE terrorists were forced to retreat with heavy casualties as confrontations had continued till late evening on Wednesday, military sources reported citing ground troops.

A soldier has laid his life while another sustained injuries during the confrontations, sources further said.

One terrorist killed, 3 wounded in clashes - Vavuniya front

An LTTE terrorist was killed while another 3 suffered injuries due to the clashes occurred in general area Kalvilan in Vavuniya front yesterday, 6 August, the military report received from the battle front said.

Army snipers deployed in Kalvilan area gunned down an LTTE terrorist ahead of the security forces defence line.

Separately, 3 more LTTE terrorists received injuries when the troops launched an attack observing a group of LTTE terrorists in the same area during morning hours. LTTE transmission also confirmed their casualties, the report added.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SLAF launches successive air strikes at LTTE positions- Mullaittivu

SLAF fighter jets flew successive air sorties launching precision strikes at identified LTTE targets at Nayaru and Tunukkai, in Mullaittivu District, Wednesday (August 6) at 2.45p.m.

2 LTTE attack craft were destroyed while been trailed inland at the Nayaru lagoon area, Air Force sources said adding that a total of 4 LTTE craft were destroyed in the day's attacks.

Meanwhile, jets continued pounding identified LTTE 'resistance-points' West of Tunukkai in Mullaittivu during swift strike missions launched in-support of the advancing ground troops of the 57 Division, Spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara further said.

Public help sought to trace Black Tiger

Police are looking for Mohammed Amzar Ramzin alias Sannakkiyan, a hardcore Black Tiger cadre who has direct connection for the bus bomb explosion in Dambulla, the attack on Naval personnel in Digampathana and several other terrorist activities.

If you have any information on this terrorist, please inform hotlines 118, 119, 0112421111, 0112433333 or the nearest Police station.

The Police headquarters said that providing accommodation, transport and other facilities to this wanted terrorist is an offence punishable by law and legal action will also be taken against those who engage in such acts.

SLAF jets raid LTTE sea tiger base: 2 boats destroyed- Mullaittivu

Sri Lankan Air Force fighter jets made precision air sorties at an LTTE sea tiger base located in the Nayaru lagoon, Mullaittivu, Wednesday (August 6), as pilots confirmed destroying 2 boats at around 11a.m.

According to Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the raid was launched following information received confirming intensified sea tiger activity in the lagoon area. Heavy damages were caused to the LTTE facility, he said citing fighter pilots.

On Tuesday (5), Air Force MI-24 helicopter gunships continued offensive sorties at LTTE positions, 4km Southwest of Tunukkai, assisting troops of the 57 Division advancing in the area. The air raid was launched at around 8.45p.m., Air Force Spokesperson further said.

oops continue offensives in Wanni despite heavy resistance: 37 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Gallant soldiers of Sri Lanka Army continued their offensives yesterday (Aug 5) in the Wanni region despite heavy resistance given by the terrorists. According to the military reports received from the battlefronts 37 terrorists were killed and, 89 injured and 5 more were reported as either killed or wounded. Also, a soldier was killed in action, 2 missing in action and 10 others suffered injuries during these battles.

Troops of Army 57 division marching towards strategically vital terror stronghold at Tunukkai encountered heavy resistance from the terrorists struggling to defend their positions right throughout the day. Clashes were initially erupted in the Kalvilan area 2 Km South of Tunukkai around 8.15 AM when terrorists launched an attack at troops. Troops crushed the terror offensive with the assistance of artillery and mortar fire. A soldier went on missing following the confrontation.

Following the initial confrontation terrorists regrouped and launched a major offensive at troops deployed in the Kalvilan area around 11.10 AM. Pitched battles prevailed till about 7 PM on the same day evening when troops finally overwhelmed the terror offensive. According to the reports terrorists made several attempts to break the troops' defence with heavy indirect fire but miserably failed in the face well determined soldiers. 27 terrorists were killed and over 73 others suffered injuries during the clashes. Also, a soldier was killed and 4 were wounded.

Meanwhile, troops of Task Force 2 operating in the right flank of the combined Vavuniya-Mannar front carried on their offensives in the Palamoddai area in course of the day.

Troops confronted with a group of terrorists around 4.15 PM while extending their defence lines. A soldier went on missing and another suffered injuries in this incident. Later, monitored LTTE radio transmission confirmed that 3 terrorists had been injured. Elsewhere, a sniper claimed that one terrorist had been shot down around 3.30 PM. A soldier suffered injuries due to AP (anti personnel) mine explosion occurred separately around 10.45 AM.

Meanwhile, troops of 56 division operating in the East of Jaffna- Kandy (A-9) road attacked an LTTE bunker located in the Navatkulama area around 15.30 PM. Troops claimed that one terrorists had been killed.

On the Welioya front, troops of 59 division maneuvering in the Mullaittivu forest kept on engaging in the terror targets scattered in the North of Janakapura and North of Kiriibbanwewa areas during the day.

During the operations conducted in the general area North of Janakapura, troops claimed 4 terrorists had been killed and 5 others wounded. Also, two soldiers suffered injuries. Troops captured 2 terror bunkers including one suspected to be an LTTE dressing station.

In the general area North of Kiriibbanwewa troops had series of clashes with the terrorists and claimed 5 terrorists had been killed, 8 others wounded, while 5 more either killed or wounded.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine clearance operations in the area removed 52 AP mines and disposed 10 IEDs (improvised explosive devices) during the day.

People in the Wanni can seek hope for the future from the Eastern example - Chief Minister

Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, Chief Minister of the Eastern Provincial Council, said yesterday (August 5) that the future of the LTTE as a fighting force is under grave threat given the efficiency and determination with which the security forces are going about the humanitarian mission of liberating the Wanni.

The Chief Minister was speaking to a group of journalists who had come to cover the 15th SAARC Summit in Colombo and had decided to see first hand situation in the Eastern Province.

The team included journalists from the Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and also representatives from Voice of America.

When asked if he had a message for Prabhakaran and the people living in LTTE-held areas, Chandrakanthan said he had nothing to say to Prabhakaran.

However, he said that he felt extremely sorry for the people trapped in the Wanni because they have been forced to suffer untold hardships.

"On the other hand, I cannot condone air attacks which cause injuries to ordinary civilians, just as I condemn without reservation acts of terrorism perpetrated by the LTTE in other parts of the country targeting civilians. On the other hand, the people in the Wanni who yearn for freedom, yearn for life in fact, need not fear. We have demonstrated in the Eastern Province that freedom is possible. This is something they too can enjoy."

Courtesy : Government Information Department

Military raids Muhamalai LTTE forward defences: 5 terrorists killed, 25 injured - Jaffna

Security forces operating at the Northern forward defences at Muhamalai, forced into LTTE bunker positions during a multi-pronged offensive launched this morning (August 6) at around 2.30., killing 5 terrorists and injuring 25 others.

According to Army, the rapid military incursion was launched in seven flanks as terrorists were caught in surprise which left many terrorists scattered at the battlefront, also forcing LTTE to abandon its bunker positions. Intense fighting lasted half an hour, till 3a.m., inflicting heavy damages to LTTE, while 3 soldiers have reportedly sustained injuries due to anti-personnel (AP) mine explosion, security sources said.

The troops have returned to initial positions following the swift raid; military said further adding that LTTE transmission experienced congestion with pleas for reinforcement and casualty evacuations.

SLA thrashes LTTE offensive attempt; over 20 terrorists killed - Vavuniya

Sri Lankan Army thrashed an LTTE offensive attempt in general area west of Kalvilan in Vavuniya front killing over 20 LTTE terrorists and injuries many others this afternoon, 5 August, the latest information received from the Vavuniya battlefront said.

According to the available sources, hours long fighting ensued between LTTE terrorists and security forces lasted till 8.00 PM and troops have retaliated with Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers (MBRL) and artillery.

More information will follow...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SLAF MI-24 helicopters raid LTTE gathering place

Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 Helicopter gun ships carried out close air support mission targeting LTTE gathering place in 5 1/2 Km north of Vellankulam this afternoon, 05 August.

Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to said that the air sorties were carried out around 2.00 PM to assist the ground troops advancing northwards along the A-32, Mannar - Poonaryn, main road.

It is observed that the LTTE terrorists withdrawn after loosing their strongholds located along the western coast in Vidattaltivu, Illuppaikkadavai and Vellankulam areas have reorganized in this targeted area to make resistance for the advancing troops.

March continued in the shadowy Mullaittiuvu forest; troops capture more LTTE strongholds - Welioya front

Troops of Army 59 division continuing their march in the Mullaittiuvu forest yesterday (Aug 4) captured 2 well fortified bunkers, a small camp and a firing range of LTTE terrorists.

According to the defence sources in the field, the two bunkers were captured around 1PM following a clash occurred in the Niththikaikulam area, 9 Km North of Janakapura.

Elsewhere, forward operation troops took control of an LTTE camp that extends around 3-4 acres of land last morning. Sources reveal that the camp has several underground bunkers, trenches, a well, toilet facilities and several buildings that had been demolished due to the indirect fire. Also, troops found 150 m long firing range and a mortar pit that had been used for a 120mm mortar gun in the close proximity to the said camp, the sources added. Terrorists are fast making off towards LTTE's main bastions in the Mullaittiuvu, the sources further observed.

Meanwhile, military reports received from the Welioya front indicate 6 terrorists were killed, and 7 others injured in yesterday's clashes occurred in the North of Kiribbanwewa, and Janakapura areas. Also, 7 LTTE terrorists were either killed or wounded during the fighting. A soldier suffered injuries during these clashes.

Separately, 63 anti-personnel mines were unearthed by the troops engaged in mine clearing operations, north of Janakapura and Kiriibbanwewa areas.

Meanwhile, troops captured few warlike items including hand grenades, while conducting a clearing operation in the recently liberated areas north of Kiriibbanwewa. Ten hand grenades, one T-56 magazine, one pouch, six meal packets were also among the items found.

Fighting continues; 46 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Military reports received from the battlefronts in Wanni and Jaffna indicate 46 deaths to the LTTE , 40 casualties and 11 more as were either killed or wounded. During these clashes, 9 soldiers were killed and 18 others suffered injuries, reports further reveal.

On the Vavuniya- Mannar combined warfront troops operating under Army 57 division clashed with a group of terrorists detected in the Kalvilan area, South of Tunukkai last morning. Troops claimed 4 terrorists were killed in this incident. In a separate confrontation occurred in the Vavunikulama area around 12 noon a soldier suffered injuries due to terror small arms fire.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

4 LTTE terrorists killed in Wanni fighting

4 LTTE terrorists were reported killed and another injured Sunday (August 3), during fighting ensued between troops and LTTE in general area Kalvilan at the combined Mannar- Vavuniya front at around 11.50 a.m.

Meanwhile, a soldier received injuries following a confrontation with LTTE in general area West of Vavunikulama, at around 12p.m., according to security sources.

At least 9 LTTE terrorists killed, 6 wounded in clashes

At least 9 LTTE terrorists were killed and 6 wounded during the progressive counter- terrorist operations launched in the Northern and Wanni battle theaters on Saturday(August 2), according military reports.

On the Jaffna battlefront, 2 terrorists were reported killed sniped separately ahead of LTTE defences in general Nagarkovil.

Meanwhile, an LTTE terrorist was also killed by security forces in general area Kalvilan, in the combined Mannar-Vavuniya front at around 1p.m. Also a soldier has laid his life during a confrontation with LTTE in general area Vellankulama, Mannar.

The Task Force-2 troops operating in Palamoddai and Navvi general areas have reportedly killed 3 terrorists yesterday. According to military, another terrorist was killed sniped in general area Konpivithakulam in addition to a soldier who sustained injuries due to an anti-personal (AP) mine explosion at Navvi.

Troops operating in the Welioya battlefront have reportedly killed 2 terrorists, injured 6 during separate clashes North of Kiriibbanwewa, Saturday, as sources further added that 47AP mines and 3 IEDs were also recovered in search operations conducted in the area.

Meanwhile, troops have also uncovered 43 AP mines while conducting search operations in general area North of Janakapura.

Navy raids LTTE Make-shift Camp on Iranathivu Island - LTTE Boat destroyed, 4 LTTE Cadres killed

Sri Lanka Navy's Rapid Action Boats Squadron (RABS) and Special Boats Squadron (SBS) destroyed an LTTE make-shift camp located on Iranathivu Island off the North-western coast, destroying one LTTE boat, killing four LTTE cadres and capturing two LTTE boats, in the evening on the 02nd August 2008.

Naval troops upon observing the LTTE boats and cadre movements on the Iranathivu Island, had immediately engaged the enemy and their craft. Subsequently, naval troops landing on the Iranathivu island, destroyed an LTTE make-shift camp and captured two LTTE boats along with two OBMs left behind by the fleeing LTTE cadres under the naval fire. Simultaneously, naval craft engaged a cluster of LTTE boats hovering closer to the Nachchikudah beach and inflicted heavy damages to the enemy.

Meanwhile, the Navy's elite Special Boats Squadron personnel made a swift landing on the Iranathivu island and secured the area by carrying out a special search operation. A stretcher, a haul of medical items, two cans full of fuel, and a tent were recovered by the naval personnel. A cleared building at the location bears the signs of having being recently used by the LTTE cadres. Two dinghies were found abandoned near the building and they are reported to have been used by the LTTE cadres to extort money from the local fishermen as "taxes" on their fish catch.

Courtesy: Sri Lanka Navy

Troops capture LTTE's last stronghold in Mannar District

Reaching to another significant milestone of the Wanni liberation operation, the heroic army soldiers in task Force 1 captured the Vellankulam town, the LTTE's last stronghold in Mannar District this afternoon, August 02.

According to the latest information received from the Mannar front, following the fierce gun battle occurred during last few day, troops have advanced into the Vellankulam town area this afternoon despite the stiff resistance given by the terrorists to protect the strategically important build-up area which links western cost and Mankulam with a direct supply route via Tunukkai and Mallavi.

At least 30 LTTE terrorists were killed and more terrorists have withdrawn with their casualties due to the effective fire power launched by the troops, ground sources said.

Two main fortified LTTE camps were located in the Vellankulam town area and LTTE terrorists withdrawn loosing after Vidattaltivu and Illuppaikkadavai had reorganized in the Vellankulam area to make resistance for the advancing troops.

8 LTTE terrorists killed in clashes - Vavuniya front

Eight more LTTE terrorists were killed in three separate incidents occurred in Vavuniya front today, August 2, the latest military report received from the battlefront said.

Troops attacked at terror bunker defence in west of Kalvilan, killing an LTTE terrorist around 1.00 p.m, the report said.

In another confrontation took place in north of Vavunikulam, one terrorist was killed while 3 others suffered injuries.

Meanwhile, troops attacked an LTTE movement with MBRL barrage in north of Vavunikulam during day hours today. Intercepting LTTE communication revealed that 6 LTTE terrorists were killed in this attack.

27 terrorists killed, over 20 injured in yesterday's clashes

Twenty seven LTTE terrorists were killed and 17 others wounded due to the confrontations ensued between security forces and LTTE terrorists in Wanni theatre of battle yesterday, August 01, the finalized military report received from the forefront said. Four others were reportedly either killed or wounded, the report added.

Meanwhile, 3 army soldiers made the utmost sacrifice for the sake of motherland while 7 others sustained injuries while engaged in counter terrorist offensive operation to liberate Tamil civilians from the LTTE clutches.

In combined Vavuniya-Mannar front, in addition to the heavy fighting reported in the South of Tunukkai and South of Mallavi areas last morning (August 1), several confrontations reported killing 23 LTTE terrorists and injuring 4 others. Clashes were reported from Palamoddai and Navvi areas in Task Force 2 and Vellankulan area in Task Force 1.

Soldier of 57 Division received injuries due to LTTE mortar fire in general area Mallavi. Separately, two soldiers of Task Force 1 made their supreme sacrifice on behalf of the beloved motherland while another two of the same battalion received injuries in general area Vellankulam.

Troops of 59 Division attacked at terror defences in general area north of Kiriibbanwewa and north of Janakapura through out the day. 4 terrorists were killed while another 13 suffered injuries due to these clashes, the report said. 4 others reportedly either killed or wounded, the report further added.

9 terrorists killed, 27 injured in heavy clashes - Wanni

Nine LTTE terrorists were killed and 27 more injured during the heavy clashes occurred in the South of Tunukkai and South of Mallavi areas last morning (August 1), Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said.

Eleven soldiers have made their supreme sacrifices for the sake of motherland while 20 more suffered injuries due to the hours long fighting erupted, MSNC added.

According to the sources, troops of 57 division continuing their advance towards the strategically vital Tunukkai town and Mallavi town have come under stiff resistance from LTTE terrorists struggling to hold their strongholds. Terrorists have lobbed hundreds of mortars in order to slowdown the advancing soldiers. However, troops have effectively overpowered the terror attack and taken the situation under control, the sources added.

3 soldiers were unable to merry-up with the troops, military reported.

Triple Air Raids target LTTE gatherings to facilitate advancing troops - Wanni

Sri Lanka Air Force today (August 1) carried out three close air support missions for the advancing troops of Army 57 and 59 divisions in the Wanni battlefronts.

According to Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, all three missions were carried out using MI-24 Helicopter Gunships targeting locations where LTTE terrorists were giving heavy resistance to the soldiers marching ahead.

The first raid was carried out around 11.40 AM targeting an LTTE defensive position located 15 Km Northeast of Nadunkerni , said the Air Force spokesman. He said the target located on the tank bund of the Tannimurippukulam tank was taken in support of troops of 59 division fighting in the Welioya battlefront.

The second and third missions were carried out in support of troops of 57 division advancing towards the strategically vital Tunukkai town, on the combined Mannar- Vavuniya battlefront.

According to the Air Force spokesperson, the first of the last two attacks was carried out targeting a location 4 Km Southeast of Tunukkai junction around 3 PM. The last raid was carried out targeting location 6 Km South East of the Tunukkai town, he said.

Wing Commander Nanayakkara added that the exact damage caused to the enemy due to these raids is yet to be ascertained.