Saturday, August 2, 2008

Troops march into Kilinochchi district; 20 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Victorious troops engaged in Wanni liberation mission yesterday (July 31) crossed the district borders between Mannar and Kilinochchi districts at an undisclosed location on the Mannar- Vavuniya combined warfront. According to the defence sources, fall of Vellankulam, the next town come across after Iluppaikkadavai when traveling northwards on the Mannar- Pooneryn (A-32) road is imminent.

Leader of Mullaittivu LTTE women wing killed in clashes- Army

Sri Lanka Army yesterday (July 31) claimed that LTTE's self styled Lieutenant Colonel Kumaveri Thangeamma had been killed in a confrontation with troops of Army 59 Division occurred in the Mullaittivu forest . According to the sources, the said terrorist had been identified as the leader of the LTTE's women's wing in the Mullaittivu area.

Fierce gun battle in Mannar front; 7 LTTE bodies recovered

Seven LTTE bodies were recovered following a fierce gun battle erupted between the security forces and LTTE terrorists in general area north of Mundampiddi in Mannar front this afternoon, July 31.

The latest report received from the battlefront said that troops in Task Force-1 attacked at terror stronghold located in north of Mundampiddi around 2.15 p.m. inflicting maximum damages to the enemy. 3 T-56 weapons, 2 hand grenades were also uncovered along with the 7 bodies of the slain LTTE cadres during the search operation conducted, the report added.

Troops have gained total control over 5 square kilometer area as the terrorists fled with their casualties in a face of effective fire power launched by the advancing troops. The further consolidating operations are now underway.

Security forces pound LTTE bunker positions: 8 terrorists killed, 19 wounded- Palamoddai

Advancing troops of the Task Force-2 operating in Palamoddai general area at the Wanni battle theater mounted heavy mortar and artillery attacks Wednesday (July 30) killing at least 8 terrorists, injuring 19 others, military sources said.

According to finalized reports received from the battlefront troops have advanced into LTTE bunker positions overwhelming terrorists and seizing control over 8 bunkers killing at least 7 terrorists alone, while LTTE transmission were cited as another 15 seriously injured. Troops pounced at the LTTE defences in a surprise assault launched in general area Palamoddai, at around 6p.m. 4 soldiers were also reported wounded in the skirmishes, military said.

Earlier, at 10.45a.m, troops clashed with a group of terrorists and have reportedly killed a terrorist and injured 4 others in the same area.

SLAF MI-24 helicopters raid LTTE defences - Mannar

Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 helicopter gun ships launched a close air support mission targeting LTTE defences in 1Km west of Wellankulam junction, Mannar front, today, July 31.

The Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, speaking to the said that the air raid was launched around 11.30 a.m to assist the ground troops of Task Force1 engaged in offensive march in Mannar front.

The target was accurately hit, spokesperson added.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chennai Police nets top LTTE cadre - India

The 'Q' branch Police yesterday (July 30) arrested a Sri Lankan Tamil alleged for procuring major consignments including explosive substances for the internationally proscribed terrorist outfit, LTTE.
Following specific information given by the State Intelligence, the 'Q' branch Police arrested J. Thambi Annan alias Daniel, 46, a resident of Kilinochchi, The Hindu reported citing the Director General of Police, K.P Jain. The 'Q' branch Police stating the importance of the catch said that the suspect has been heading the procuring arm of the outfit and had played an instrumental role in smuggling warlike items, explosives from India and other parts of the world to the LTTE.
"He was involved in the attempts to smuggle consignments of aluminium ingots and ball bearings, which were intercepted and seized by the Police in Ramanathapuram and Madurai districts in the recent months", the Police Chief was quoted further saying.
He also asserted that the confessions provided by the terrorist operative could give leads to the source and supply network of the LTTE. The arrest comes in the wake of two bombings in the densely populated suburbs of Ahamedabad and Banglore which left at least 48 dead and 161 injured last week.
LTTE is an internationally banned ruthless terrorist outfit that has been fighting for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. During its 3 decades of existence the outfit has pioneered a large number of terror tactics particularly in the field of suicide bombing, that have been soon copied by the other terror organizations in the world.

Air Force Fighter Jets destroy training camp of LTTE suicide bombers

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed a training facility of LTTE suicide bombers also known as Black Tigers located in the Iranamadu area, 3km southeast of Kilinochchi this morning (July 30).
Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara speaking to confirmed that the terror camp was destroyed in the air raid carried out at 6.35 AM. He said, citing fighter pilots that the camp was in flames after the bombing mission.
Meanwhile, defence intelligence sources said the targeted "Black Tiger" camp was operated directly under guidance of LTTE's notorious intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman. The target was obtained after receiving real time ground information that an activity of suicide bombers was going on at the camp, said the sources. The exact location of the target was in the Thirivaiaru area , just 3 Km off from the LTTE's main stronghold at Kilinochchi, the sources added.
LTTE is a ruthless terror outfit fighting for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. The organizations operates under extreme tribal ideologies created by its megalomaniac leader V. Prabhakaran and has unleashed one of the most barbaric terrorist wars in the world against the citizens of Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Offensives continue in Wanni as LTTE flee further North: 16 terrorists killed, 3 wounded in yesterday's fighting

Security Forces operating at the combined Mannar- Vavuniya front led continuous attacks at identified terror positions Monday (July 29), inflicting heavy damages to LTTE as finalized military reports state 16 terrorists killed, 3 wounded in addition to 16 others believed either killed or wounded in the battles.

Troops destroy LTTE bunker defence; mortar gun, vehicles seized - Vavuniya

Troops operating at the eastern flank of the combined Mannar-Vavuniya front at Vellankulama Tuesday (July 29) forced into an LTTE bunker defence killing one terrorist while seizing a 60mm mortar gun along with few vehicles, at around 6.45p.m.

According to military, troops have launched the assault following reconnaissance of terrorist activities and have reportedly captured a tractor, 01x motor bike and a T-56 assault riffle.

The body of a slain terrorist was also found during subsequent search operations conducted, sources said.

Most Sacred ‘Sivam Kovil’ Area Liberated

MULLAITHIVU: TROOPS thrusting at Tigers with their superior fire-power in the areas to the south of MALLAVI, east of THUNUKKAI entered LTTE-held areas as dusk fell on Sunday (27), clearing the area where the most sacred Sivam Kovil, previously venerated by the Hindus in their hundreds lies.

The famous Sivam Kovil which is venerated with an annual feast used to draw thousands of Hindu devotees from MANNAR, JAFFNA, KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITHIVU districts. However, the temple had not been able to perform annual rites due to terrorist –threats and activities for the last couple of years, it has been told to the Security Forces.

As the photos depict, an 8 ft deep trench filled with water with a huge mound of sand and soil dug on one side of the terrain and a chain of false pits with thorny bushes had been found erected to prevent troops from rolling in to the area.
This fertile irrigational land area which was earlier part of the MANNAR ‘Rice bowl’ was turned into a main hub of the Tiger terrorists, from where they were launching terrorist attacks on the directives from fallen VIDATTALTIVU Sea Tiger base.

LTTE violates its own ceasefire; launches artillery attacks at Jaffna FDL

Military reports received form Muhamalai Forward Defence (FDL) indicate that LTTE terrorist have launched artillery attack at troops manning the area this morning (July 29).
Military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said that the terrorist have fired about 10 rounds of heavy artillery at troops between 6 to 6.30AM . Two soldiers have sustained injuries due to the attack, he further said. He added that terrorist have used their guns located in the Poonaryn area for the attack.
LTTE recently announced through its media network that it would maintain a unilateral ceasefire since July 27 in view of the SAARC summit which is currently being held in Sri Lanka. However , observers of LTTE activities raised doubts about LTTE's intentions over this sudden decision. The government maintained that it would only go for a ceasefire when the LTEE have laid down their arms. According to observers, the latest attack has substantiated their doubts about the integrity of the LTTE.

Clashes continue in Wanni; over 30 terrorists killed in yesterday's clashes

Troops continuing their liberation operation in the Wanni region yesterday (July 28) reported that 33 terrorists were killed while 34 others wounded and 11 more were either killed or wounded. Also, 3 soldiers laid down their lives in the battlefield while 8 others suffered injuries.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sri Lankan expatriates protest against LTTE terrorism - UK

Thousands of Sri Lankan expatriates converged in front of British Prime minister's official residence at No 10, Downing street in London to protest against the LTTE terrorism on last Sunday, July 27.
The demonstration titled "Let's All Unite as Sri Lankans to Defeat Terrorism in Our Motherland!" requesting the British Government to take stern action against all pro-LTTE activities in UK. The organizers have received a great response from the Sri Lankan community in the UK.
During the protest, a dossier was also handed over to the officials of the Prime Minister's Office.
The Sunday's mass protest rally in London, was organised by 'Sri Lankans against Terrorism' (SLAT-UK), an organization of United Kingdom based Sri Lankan expatriates.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Husbands Creep into Jungles to Avoid Tiger Conscription as Public Beats Terrorist Leaders

Tiger terrorists, in disarray in the face of mounting pressure, now being directed by advancing troops through different fronts in the WANNI theatre of operations, appear to have gone berserk with excitement, as they were fast losing credibility and popularity among the very people whom they claim to represent in KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITTIVU districts.

Massive anti terrorism demonstration in Paris

More than thousand Sri Lankans and their French friends gathered at Trocadero, the most significant landmark of Paris, under the shadow of the Eiffle Tower, to protest against terrorist attacks unleashed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), today (28 July).

The demonstrators, carrying photographs of the victims of the most brutal killings of innocent civilians by the Tamil Tigers urged France and the European Union to immediately ban the front organizations of the LTTE such as WTM, ORT (TRO of France), Tamil Sangham and other Tamil Eelam associations.

They urged the French President Sarkosy, who is the current President of the European Union to take effective action to stop extortion, money laundering, intimidation and harassment of innocent Tamils in France by the LTTE and its mafia gangs like Miinel, VVT Boys and Pambu.

The demonstration was organized jointly by United Sri Lankans comprising 11 Sri Lankan associations and several political party branches in France. A large number of second generation Sri Lankans under a banner of Sri Lankan Youth in France were the most vociferous amongst the demonstrators. In addition to Sinhalese and Muslims several members of democratic Tamil political parties also took part in the demonstration.

The demonstrators distributed leaflets describing the true terror nature of the LTTE to thousands of French nationals and tourists from all over the globe visiting the magnificent Parisian destination, the Eiffle Tower.

Wanni liberation operation in progress; 13 terrorists killed, 25 wounded

Security forces personnel engaged in counter terrorist offensive operation inching further towards LTTE territory have gained control over more LTTE areas inflicting damages to the enemy, the finalized military report received from the forefront said. 13 LTTE terrorists were killed and 6 others suffered injuries due to the clashes ensued between security forces and LTTE yesterday, July 27. In addition, 19 more terrorists reportedly either killed or wounded due to the yesterday's clashes. Two security forces personnel have made utmost sacrifice for the sake of motherland while 8 others received injuries.

Norwegian NGO used by LTTE, also delivered arms to an insurgency in Sudan

(By: Walter Jayawardhana)
Norwegian People's Aid - One of Norway's biggest non-government organizations which is alleged used by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for its terrorist activities is also learnt was accused of secretly smuggling in weapons for at least another insurgency in Sudan in the past, according to Ministry of Defence sources.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Security Forces seize control over 'Sugandan Base' - Welioya

Troops of the 59 Division led by Brigadier Nanadana Udawatte Sunday (July 27) seized total control over 'Sugandan' base a satellite base of the LTTE's 'One-Four-base' complex located North of Kiriibbanwewa inside the thick jungles of Mullaittiuvu, following days of heavy confrontations.
Earlier, on 30th May 2008- troops captured the 'Munagam base' the main logistic link between the LTTE strongholds in Wanni and cadres in the east, across the Mullaittiuvu jungle, followed by the capture of 'Michael base' one of the strategic satellite bases of the 'One -Four base complex ' on 4th July. Troops are now consolidating the defences, sources said.

More information will follow.

Meanwhile, an LTTE area leader identified as 'Veandan' was reported seriously wounded during a separate confrontation with troops operating North of Janakapura today. 5 terrorists were killed and similar numbers injured including a senior cadre 'Maran' during the fighting reported from 10a.m., till 1p.m., defence sources said citing ground troops. A soldier has laid his life, while another sustained injuries, in the confrontation according to initial reports.

Troops have also recovered a body of a slain LTTE cadre along with an I-com set, during a subsequent search operation conducted in the area.

Also, troops operating North of Kiriibbanwewa have reportedly destroyed and gained control over an LTTE bunker defence and a mortar pit as troops said that at least 3 terrorists were wounded in the attack. Another terrorist was killed, 2 wounded in a similar confrontation with LTTE in general area West of Kiriibbanwewa, according to military.

LTTE is falling apart like a pack of cards, says Secretary Defence

(By: Franklin R. Satyapalan)

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday (26) appealed to over 10,000 soldiers who had left the military for various personal reasons during the past four to five years to return to fight for their motherland.

ICRC takes 19 LTTE bodies to Kilinochchi

Security forces Sunday (July 27) handed over 19 bodies of terrorists including 6 females killed during pitched battles in general area Vavunikulama North, on Friday (25), to the ICRC officials in Vavuniya.

According to military, the bodies were taken by the ICRC from the Vavuniya hospital morgue at around 1.40p.m today, following preparations made to hand them over to the LTTE across the Omanthai Entry/ Exit point.

Earlier, yesterday (26) 11 more bodies of the terrorists killed during Friday's fighting was sent to the LTTE through the ICRC officials in Vavuniya.

Shoring LTTE at defeat:

Despite disintegration of LTTE fortifications in Mullaittiuvu district at the doorstep of Kilinochchi, South based rejuvenated 'defence analysts' and 'peaces activists' have reportedly taken up the burden to dim the military gains through controversy and spin-doctoring.

Earlier, similar attempts to stall the military campaign in East while shoring the LTTE at defeat were proven failed and were rebuffed from gaining populace despite an array of media stunts and political gimmicks by such circles.

As learnt through reliable sources, these 'office-room defence experts' and guardians of 'peace' and 'humanity' are in a collective effort at smothering the public and international consent towards the present military campaign against the LTTE through periodical ushering of 'decisive stages' and 'turning point's' installing doubts of graver repercussion in the South.

These slush propagandists are "expecting a slow down", of the counter-terrorist operations in Wanni and North, through the same unofficial versions as quoted from said 'officials' of the military. Relying on controversy than sheer situation-reporting by such media stooges is nothing new, as similar attempts were also, earlier exposed by, and will continue to remain as our obligation to the nation with the right to response.

Security forces continue advances: 13 terrorists killed, dozen wounded

Troops at the combined Mannar - Vavuniya front were gradually budding their way towards the road leading from Mankulama to Vellankulama and are now reportedly operating close to Mallavi after series of confrontations on Thursday (24) and Friday (25) causing sizable damages to the LTTE.

According to finalized military reports, 10 terrorists were killed and a dozen others injured in Saturday's (26) confrontations ensued between troops and LTTE at the Wanni theater of battle. In addition to LTTE fatalities 3 soldiers received injuries in the Welioya battlefront, while 2 others reported wounded at the Mannar battle lines.

7 terrorists were reported killed and 2 wounded during fighting in general areas at Navvi and Navathkulama MCNS stated also adding that 3 others were killed and 10 wounded by troops of the 59 Division operating in the Mullaittiuvu jungles ahead of the Welioya defences, North of Janakapura and Kiriibabanwewa.

Meanwhile, troops killed 2 terrorists in general area Muhamalai, another sniped in general area Kilalai, at the Jaffna battlefront, according to reports. No damages were caused to military, MCNS said.

LTTE terrorists use INGO vehicles for military activities - Kilinochchi

Use for propaganda not ruled out

It is reliably learnt that the LTTE is using vehicles recently obtained from an International Non-Government Organization (INGO) operating in the North for its military operations in the North, and intends using them for disinformation activities, too.

ICRC takes 11 bodies of LTTE cadres to Kilinochchi

The ICRC took over 11 bodies of slain LTTE cadres from Army yesterday (July 26) at the Vavuniya hospital. The bodies were then taken into non- liberated areas in the Wanni via Omanthai entry/exit point in order to be handed over to the LTTE .

According to the military sources, the bodies were a part of 33 bodies of LTTE cadres that had been left by the terrorists before they fled away from the Vavuinkulama area on Thursday (July 24). The remaining bodies are still lying at the Vavuniya hospital, the sources added.