Friday, December 5, 2008

Pizza Sakvithi’s Senior buddies celebrate late Deepavali

by a special correspondent from Toronto(December 04, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mississauga LTTE Pizza Sakvithi’s senior buddies planning to celebrate Deepavali festival almost a month later it suppose to be. This seniors group another LTTE front lead by a father of a LTTE suicide bomber. This is one of the organizations Pizza Sakvithi uses as a front to collect funds for LTTE. Unfortunately no one even Trillium Foundation who funds its activities does not believe these old buddies will do such a thing.

In it’s previous Senior’s Night Sakvithi arranged a nice dinner dance for seniors and collected over CDN$ 100,000 but except the special guests who came from Canadian political arena didn’t knew where the money went. We guess Canadian intelligence people must have told them this time except the Ex- Liberal lady who is planning to be Mississauga mayor someday. Some body has to explain her that, going into a LTTE function as a chief guest does not make her a mayor. We know the invitation came from a moderate person but he also brain washed by this old gang. Full Text
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