Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mixed feelings after escaping from tiger country

By Gomin Dayasri

Do not be under the spell of yarns churned out by the spin merchants, of a life in misery for those who lived under the LTTE administration. There are many aspects of the terrorist rule that appealed to them before life became intolerable, a recent phenomenon. The ending of the CFA accelerated the process. Those Tamils who made the crossing from the uncleared areas to government controlled areas retain mixed feelings of the days under the rule of Prabhakaran. It was a bitter pill with a sugar coating. With the sugar having melted, the capsule tastes more like cyanide.

They breathe air of a fresh life style in more relaxed surroundings, in temporary accommodation off the beaten track on the road between Mannar and Medawachchiya. The journey was long and harrowing through jungle paths with minimum sleep. They did it for their children; to give them freedom, to bring them to safety. Some are affluent by northern standards- to bring their live assets to safety was paramount – the fixed assets paled into insignificance. The short story is that Prabhakaran touched a sensitive spot of a community that lived for their children. There lived an ogre who stole their children. That split the umbilical cord by which Prabhakaran held them. Full Text