Sunday, December 7, 2008

Karunanidhi continues with pressure tactics

  • Govt. in major dilemma as New Delhi takes about turn to please Tamil Nadu
  • Moves to get petition against hedging deal withdrawn as CB hits back at Fowzie
  • UNP gaffe in no-confidence motion: Is there a conspiracy behind it?
By Our Political Editor

(ST)Battered by the public agitation over Pakistan-based Lakshar-e-Tayyiba's devastating 26-11 attack on Mumbai, the dilemma for the Congress government in New Delhi seems to be growing from the proportions of a political storm to one that of a cyclone.

The string of security lapses that enabled ten armed youth to cause mayhem, leaves some 200 killed and 300 more injured, in India's bustling commercial capital and has led to public outrage not to mention indignation worldwide. Exposures by the vibrant Indian media, particularly electronic, on the heart-rending tales of how people died, were wounded or endured onerous ordeals have spawned a major outcry against politicians. Their reportage has also won for their security forces and the police overwhelming public adoration and respect. Full Text