Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hung Out To Dry

(Strategy Page)December 11, 2008: The army is now advancing from three directions. Up from the south, along the east coast and. Down along the Jaffna Peninsula. And up from the south, in the center of the island, along the A9 highway, towards the rebel headquarters of Kilinochchi. In the last week, troops advancing up the A9 have captured two towns; Puliyankulam and Kanakarayankulam and much of the highway. The LTTE is putting a more effective resistance in front of their headquarters town of Kilinochchi, and casualties on both side are rising as the fighting intensifies. Troops of the 57th and 58th divisions are losing several dozen dead and wounded on some days. The army has air power, and much more artillery (guns and rocket launchers), so the LTTE defenders are often suffering equal, if not more, casualties. Full Text