Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bombay bombing and the LTTE

(The Island))The terrorists who attacked Mumbai had come from the sea. This serves as a reminder to us that the LTTE has in years past tried to penetrate our harbours and Colombo has always been a target. The recently concluded Fisheries Agreement allows Tamil Nadu’s fishermen to fish in our waters, as the Indians are concerned that Sri Lanka’s fish would otherwise ‘die of old age’! This situation holds huge dangers for this country. It is not just that Sri Lankan fishermen who have suffered for decades as they were not allowed to fish in our waters but it is an opening which would be exploited by the LTTE to bring in weapons and also to penetrate our naval defences taking cover behind fishermen. Let us recall some earlier incidents to prove that this is more than a mere possibility.

Before venturing further let us look at the Joint Statement concerned. Full Text

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