Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Asian Tribune asks President Rajapaksa to summon "SAARC Summit on Terrorism"

Editorial: In Mumbai the terrorists struck again and more than 175 innocent civilians and members of the security forces were killed. Unfortunately innocent civilians of not only in Sri Lanka, but also in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan are victims of terrorists’ attacks at regular intervals. This issue has not been addressed in the proper way to end this continued attacks by the home grown terrorists, as well as by the international terrorists' organizations in many South Asian Countries. These countries are all members of the regional organization SAARC. It is high time SAARC leaders get together immediately to address this scourge before it gets out of their hands.

Leaders of SAARC have to consider ways and methods to pre-empt terrorist moves. It is time to have a special SAARC summit to eliminate terrorism.

Today terrorism is the common problem in the region. Even the biggest country in the region is not free of this menace. According to a report, in India alone, so far 4,000 people have died of terrorists attacks during the year 2008. Full Text