Thursday, December 4, 2008

59 Div troops enter Alampil sea tiger bastion

( ground troops of 59 Division on an offensive directed at the remaining LTTE fortification in Mullaittivu District have reached a decisive stage as troops entered into the sea tiger bastion, Alampil, located about 10 Km south of Mullaittivu this morning, 4 December.

After capturing the Kumulamunai, a battle formation of 591 Brigade advanced along the northern bank of Nayaru lagoon and dominated Kumulamunai - Alampil road stepping up pressure on the Sea Tiger bastion Alampil.

The other battle formation of 591 Brigade, advanced northwards of Kumulamunai, has cut-off the Mullaittivu - Alampil main road in a location a few Kilometers north of Alampil and moved southwards with an effective thrust on Alampil.

LTTE terrorists highly utilized the Nayaru lagoon located immediate south of Alampil as the major sea tiger operational base for logistic transportation from Mullaittivu via sea routs. It was also utilized by the sea tigers as a boat launching pad, defence sources said.

According to the defence sources it is said that the Mullaittivu has become vulnerable as the fall of Alampil would facilitate the assault on Mullaitivu.

Further consolidating operations are underway.