Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why throw a lifeline to sinking Tigers?

So, in the end the LTTE is suing for a truce in spite of all its bragging that it is capable of rubbing the nose of the military on the sands of the Vanni. Tiger proxies are working overtime to market their truce offer and have managed to get the Tamil Nadu politicians to back their campaign. Some local NGOs, too, have lent their voice to the Tiger lobby. Shortly, we will have the nosy parkers of the international community echoing that call.

Ironically, those who are trying to pressure the government to hold fire are the very ones who boasted a few moons ago that the military was making a terrible mistake by launching the Vanni offensive. They claimed the army would face the same fate as the Nazis in Stalingrad, though not even a schoolchild with a smattering of the world history took them seriously. They came out with all sorts of cock and bull theories to support their absurd argument. However, what really took the cake was the parallel they sought to draw between the treacherous Russian winter and the monsoon rains lashing the Vanni! They would have sounded less obtuse had they compared a cat with a tiger. Full Text