Friday, November 14, 2008

Who are the Human Rights violators?

We present 09 case studies which reveal, if not for the remarkable investigative talents of the security forces and the Police horrendous crimes against humanity would have been committed by the agents of the LTTE posing off as civilians.

The significant fact is having attempted to commit acts of human rights violations against society, those LTTE agents seek the protection of the clauses embedded in our constitution to protect the human rights of citizens.

This shows the respect Sri Lanka has for human rights, enabling those who infringe human rights, the opportunity of defending themselves by seeking the protective clauses of the human rights. Such is our rule of law.

Strangely, LTTE foreign funded NGO's are silent on these aspects while forever complaining of human rights violations by Sri Lanka. They do so because their existence is dependant on acquiring funds from their foreign masters only if they agitate for human rights against Sri Lanka. These are the anti national, anti social, organizations that are supporting the LTTE, under cover of protecting human rights. Full Text