Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What should take priority, National Interests or Communal Interests ?

"That is not very encouraging to the National Politics of India. It is collectively united India that has developed and progressed into being a developed Nation in Asia. If the Tamil Nadu initiates a break up of Indian Unity, India as well as Tamil Nadu, will go back to being a petty under developed banana States !"
by Charles.S.Perera
(November 04, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) There is no problem of racism with the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. If communal sentiments are whipped up it is for political interest by politicians. The Notable Politicians with a penchant for stirring communal sentiments among the Tamils in Sri Lanka are Mano Ganeshan , Chandrasekaran, and the TNA Parliamentarians, with their own terrorist agenda. But to what an extent, and where exactly have their communal pot shots worked is difficult to say. The first two have pro terrorist leaning, therefore they seek allegiance with the Tamils of the Tamil Nadu. Full Text

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