Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wanni Liberation speeds up; Terror chief to avenge Wanni civilians for his demise

Sri Lankan Armed Forces are getting closer to their ultimate mission with increasing pace and vigor despite cynicism raised over their achievements by certain defense observers and political segments. Troops with the shared vision to rid the country of terrorism , have come to a decisive phase of their effort during last few days after outwitting the terrorists in each and every maneuver that they made at the battlefield.

Meanwhile, defense intelligence sources have found out that V. Prabhakarn, the psychopathic chief of the LTTE terrorists has ordered his followers to prepare for a counter offensive using civilians as a shield.

Devils point becomes unattainable for the terrorist

Army Task Force 1 spearheading at the West of the Kilinochchi frontage is just few miles behind Pooneryn, the final destination it has to reach to accomplish the immediate mission of the Force. The Task Force 1 was raised to dominate the Northwestern coast of the Island that stretches from Mannar to Pooneryn early this year. Thereby, the Force has to deny the terrorist use of sea lines of communication across the Palk Strait. Also, opening of a land route to Jaffna peninsula is the other important objective the Force has to achieve in its mission. Full Text