Thursday, November 13, 2008

Troops find ten more Tiger bodies

At least ten more bodies of LTTE cadres were recovered following latest fighting in the Kilinochchi district as troops further advanced into rebel held-areas, yesterday, the Defence Ministry said.

The Ministry said that security forces advancing on the western and eastern Kilinochchi battlefronts made simultaneous thrusts into LTTE fortifications assisted by artillery and mortar fire from the rear. Security forces claimed inflicting serious damage to the LTTE.

Troops of Task Force-1, now operating east and west of the A-32 Mannar-Pooneryn main road have further extended military defences, while battalions positioned at Kiranchi, Palavi and west of Chunnavil commenced marching towards Veravil, Valaipadu and Devil's Point areas, security sources said. Full Text