Friday, November 14, 2008

"Pillaiyan is doing a very good job" – M.L.A.M.Hisbulla

The eastern provincial council election held a few months ago, was a defining moment in this country’s history. Like the great battle of Kurukshetra in the Mahabharatha, it saw everybody in the east divided into two clearly defined camps. It brought together traditional enemies onto one platform to defeat the common enemy. The LTTE and TNA sided with the SLMC and Many independent Muslims sided with the TMVP. In the aftermath of the election, there was a tug of war between Pillaiyan and M.L.A.M.Hisbulla for the chief minister’s position. Now six months into the eastern government that was cobbled together by the president, minister Hisbulla speaks to C.A.Chandraprema of his relationship with the Tamil chief minister and the place of Muslims within the eastern provincial council. Full Text