Friday, November 21, 2008

NGO operation to save Killinochchi for tigers revealed

Military experts have stated that tiger organization has decided to deploy maximum force to defend Killinochchi from advancing troops of S.L. Army and use the facilities left to them by NGOs which have left the area.

According to 'Lanka' Sinhalese weekend newspaper the deployment of NGO offices at strategically important points in Killinochchci town had been carried out ten years ago with a plan to make use of them by tiger terrorists whenever the town is threatened by government forces. Hence, NGOs that left Killinochchi on a directive by the government have not only left their modern vehicles and sophisticated equipments to be used by tiger terrorists but also the bunkers they had constructed in all their offices spread out in Killinochchi town. These bunkers constructed spending a large amount of money, alleging that they were for the use of their staffs, would help the tiger terrorists to stop or delay the advancing troops from entering the town states the report in 'Lanka.' Full Text