Thursday, November 13, 2008

LTTE needs to be destroyed..

I wish to draw the attention and awareness of the public of Sri Lanka. I very much urge and pray very hard that the Sri Lanka Government will and must wipe out LTTE especially the leader, Prabakaran because of numerous reasons as mentioned herein. Firstly, I personally regard him as a terrorist and a cold blood murderer. He killed so many people including the Tamilians directly or indirectly for about 30 years now. He clearly shows an image that he cannot convince people’s heart by communicating to others in a peace and educated or diplomatic manner BUT opted to show his power by threatening others by his fire arms.

He is power craze. He always wants to be the leader of Tamil Eelam to gain popularity and fame. No one should or can replace him including his brother in law that until todate, there is no news about his brother in law who wanted Prabakaran’s position. He may be shot/killed by Prabakaran….who knows? Why he wants to be the Leader of Tamil Eelam when he is not at all gentle or tolerant. No one can have a decent talk with this “beast”, who has no heart for anyone especially the Tamilians in Sri Lanka. He is so violent and how can he be a good leader in ruling a country??? He is only interested to save enough money for him and his family (perhaps for the next 4 generation). Full Text