Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Intense fighting in western Kilinochchi front; troops move further towards Pooneryn

Troops of Task Force 1 operating in western half of the Kilinochchi front stepped further into LTTE terrain towards Pooneryn despite LTTE resistance. According to the sources, heavy fighting have been reported since last morning (10 November) in areas located west and east of the A-32 main road.

Instance fighting reported in Palayilkulam, east of A-32, during day hours yesterday inflicting heavy damages to the enemy. In a subsequent search operation conducted, troops have found two bodies of LTTE cadres killed in the confrontation. Intercepting terror communication, defence sources confirmed that scores of terror cadres have been injured in the confrontation.

Meanwhile, snipers deployed in forward defences in Palayilkulam have taken their targets in four separate occasions during the daytime.

Troops on their tactical movement towards Pooneryn from the west of A-32 main road also had several confrontations with LTTE terrorists during the day. Intercepting LTTE radio communication, it is confirmed that terrorists suffered heavy beating.