Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hunger Strike in London against LTTE front activities

(By: Janaka Alahapperuma from London )

Patriotic Sri Lankans in the UK are organising a 'Hunger Strike' urging British authorities to stop events organised by LTTE front running forums taking place in London.

They further request not to let bogus forums celebrate the barbaric terrorist leader's birthday on 26th November in London. According to the LTTE supporter groups they are organising a community and cultural event.

The Hunger Strike organized by Sri Lankans Against Terrorism (SLAT)-UK will be held on 14th November (Friday) from 10.00am till 10.00 pm in front of the British Parliament, Parliament Square, London.

Members of the SLAT-UK said there are number of front organisations of the LTTE which are operating freely within the UK even though it is a banned terrorist outfit. These groups pretend to be civilian welfare forums but actually work to a terrorist agenda, with the aim of violently the separating Sri Lanka along ethnic lines. Such forums act with total disregard to British law and organise events to hoodwink the international community into supporting the Tiger terrorists.

They further said that it is their duty as patriotic Sri Lankans to highlight the activities of the LTTE fronts, demanding the British government and authorities to investigate and take necessary actions against these terror supporter forums and also turn in LTTE ban a meaningful one. The truth is these bogus forums always mislead the British authorities as usual. However their hidden agenda is to celebrate LTTE leader's birthday which falls on that day.

The "Hunger Strike will last for 12 hours along with a candle light vigil. Photos