Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gun down TAF with their "Low Flying Aircrafts"

In early 80s an American war veteran wrote about how to protect American Sky from low flying Russian aircraft such MI-24 and Cruise Missiles. Today we are facing a similar threat from TAF.

Remember... realization that a problem exists is the only way we can ever reach a solution. Understanding the problem is the key to the formulation of a good solution. Our present air defense system lacks the ability to detect and engage extremely low- flying (I guess the actual segment of this air-space is between the ground and 100 feet above) attack planes that are currently in used by LTTE. The improvement of LTTE’s air wing has created a leak in our air defense umbrella. As per it stands today we have a threat that requires immediate attentions. We were attack in multiple occasions now. However it is unreasonable and also unrealistic to expect SLAF alone to prevent such future threats from TAF without assisting them by doing significant improvements to their current air defense setup. Full Text