Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Global community shunning attempts to save Tigers

A well respected Hindu astrologer had predicted to some devotees of ‘Sun God Thalavar’ that the ‘Sun God’ will die soon. The astrologer, Theventharajah, said that Prabhakaran is seriously ill and is a chronic diabetic. His insulin intake has been disrupted due to constant shelling by the Sri Lankan Air Force and he would die from diabetic complications. This is indeed shocking news to many of ‘Sun God Thalavar’s followers the world over.

Anita Pratap, the journalist who was responsible for internationalising the Tiger movement, had observed that the ‘Sun God’ is a devout follower of Astrology and has made his movements according the planetary movements. Like all other politicians, the Sun God seems to be terrified with this news. He recently appeared for a photo session with a pilot to show that he did not suffer from diabetes or any other ailment. This was as if to discount the prophesy of his own astrologer Theventharajah. Full Text