Thursday, November 13, 2008


By Kumar Rupesinghe


With the perceived decline in the fortunes of the LTTE, there has been a debate in the South arguing that the LTTE would be defeated and vanquished in the current military campaign launched by the Government and that such a defeat would benefit the Tamils.

Victor Ivan in his newspaper article “Mahindage koti virodhee yuddhaya saha demala janathawage anagathaya, - according to him, the war is now in its last stages with the LTTE facing defeat. He suggests that this may be the best scenario for the Tamil community. He states that although the Tamil people may suffer a little initially at the defeat of the LTTE, once the LTTE domination of the Tamil community is halted, there will be greater benefits to the said community. Even if they gain only a few concessions from the Rajapakse government, they are sure to gain many more concessions indirectly from the elimination of the LTTE. Those who have lost heir lands due to the war will be able to resettle in their lands; in the same manner, when Prabhakaran is defeated, the Tamil people in the North will be able to live their lives with much freedom. After the elimination of the LTTE, new ideas will emerge in the Tamil society and also a new leadership and new activities. Instead of living continuously in a stagnating and never ending war situation with or without intermittent periods of ceasefire, the Tamil people will be able to come out of this doomed, desperate condition if the war ends at its earliest, even if it comes at the cost of the defeat of the LTTE. Full Text