Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crawling The Coasts For Conquests

November 12, 2008: The army advance is still moving along the coast, where the monsoon rains are less of a problem. Troops are seven kilometers from opening a land link to the Jaffna peninsula (2,300 square kilometers of territory at the northern tip of the island, cut off from the rest of the island by LTTE controlled territory to the south, forcing the government, for the last 13 years, to use ships to supply the half million people in Jaffna.)

India has renewed its ban on the LTTE for another two years. So far, 30 nations have banned the LTTE, usually as a terrorist organization. But in the complex world of Indian politics, the LTTE still has allies. Some politicians from south India (especially Tamil Nadu, the ancestral home of the LTTE rebels) are particularly eager to condemn Sri Lanka for killing, or at least "not respecting" Sri Lankan Tamil civilians caught in the crossfire. The LTTE has been trying to use this Indian political support to force the Sri Lankan government to accept a ceasefire. But the Sri Lankans demand that the LTTE disarm first, and the LTTE won't do that. The LTTE wants a ceasefire so they can rebuild their army, and develop new guerilla and terror tactics to regain lost territory. The Sri Lankan government is determined to crush the LTTE army short term, and deal with the LTTE terrorists in the long term. Full Text