Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Captured Terrorist-turned English teacher narrates harrowing realities

Task Force-I troops battling for supremacy with Tiger terrorists in Vallayarkuttirukkumoddai, about 4 km to the east of the 7th Mile Post on the A-32 Road, close to Palavi area just captured, were absolutely astounded to find that one of the four female Tiger terrorists captured on Tuesday (11) after fierce clashes, happened to be a Government English Teacher of a reputed school.

This captured Tiger terrorist-turned English teacher, Ms Nilaveli (28) was coaching students in grade 6-10 classes until she joined LTTE's "Saiver" Regiment to stop conscription of her beloved teenage brother and sister to the LTTE. Graduated from the reputed KOPAY College of Education (English Faculty), she has still been drawing her government salary and all other perks from the Department of Education in Kilinochchi as a trained English teacher.

The other two captured female Tigers have been identified as Kilavedi (18) and Thuruveli (19), all four of them originally from Kilinochchi, Paranthan and Mallavi areas. Full Text