Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boy’s truancy sparks detective thriller

By Jamila Najmuddin

For twelve-year-old Wijeyakumar November 10 will be a day never to be forgotten.

His life which was full of mischief and games suddenly turned sour as he became the target of a police chase. Unable to understand why he was suddenly the centre of attention, Wijeyakumar’s mischief cost him a day at the Fort Police Station and a number of stern lectures from his relatives and guardians.

Although a studious student at St. Mary’s Vidyalaya in Bambalapitiya, he had attended school on November 10 without completing his homework. His teachers who had checked Wijeyakumar’s books had pulled him up and punished him in the school corridors for three hours, in accordance with school rules. His head mistress had then informed Wijeyakumar that his guardians would be notified and told to be present in school the next day as he had failed to complete his homework. Full Text