Friday, November 14, 2008

Army 57 Div maneuvering to Kilinochchi

The Army 57 division , operating on the main axis of the Wanni theatre of operations are now successfully maneuvering towards the Kilinochchi town, the administrative hub of the LTTE terrorists, say the defence sources.

Daylong clashes were reported yesterday (Nov 13) as troops of 571 and 572 brigades marched further northwards destroying LTTE positions along the western boundary of the Kilinochchi built-up.

Troops had a series of confrontations with the terrorists in the South Pudimurippukulam area, about 6 Km North of Akkarayankualm tank bund . Intercepted LTTE radio transmissions confirmed heavy damages to the terrorists. Troops found one body of an LTTE cadre and 3 T-56 riffles during subsequent search operations.

Meanwhile , the foremost fighting elements 571 brigade attacked a group of terrorists in the Adampan area , 9 Km north of Akkarayankulam tank bund in the evening hours. Intercepted LTTE radio transmissions confirmed severe damages to the terrorists. Also, troops of 574 brigade operating on the eastern flank of the Kilinochchi front engaged terrorists in the Mankulam area at several occasions during daytime.

Meanwhile , intercepted LTTE radio transmissions revealed that senior LTTE leader called "Lieutenant Colonel Kali Arasan" was killed in clashes on Wednesday (Nov 12)